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That is correct. I am no longer going to use the word ‘liberal’ unless I’m too drunk not too but I’m going to use Leftist as Socialists/Communists/Progressives are all fucking lunatics. Actually by the end of this post I may be saying liberal, but as it turns out I wasn’t that drunk…

So what has happened in the last week?

To start off the alma mater (Harvard) of our last 35 presidents (or at least a sister school of corruption) decided to ban plastic water bottles to save the Mother Earth. Screw pop or soda bottles if you will as those are still OK, but we are the best because we anoint ourselves and say so and to prove are greatness we are banning the selling of H20 bottles. FU America…we are better than you. Just look at our elected officials to prove our point (Obama).

Next up this week HHS Commie Czar Kathleen Sebelius is now wanting to investigate her own ineptitude. She hasn’t seen the ‘One’ since she got to DC but he ain’t interested her kind (boobs and vag) if you know what I mean. If Kathleen looked liked Janet then they’d meet weekly to discuss their next move…feel free to interpret my coded message.

Our honest government has decided to pass the nomination of our next DHS pick who is connected to Terry McAuliffe and Harry Reid, two of the most honest people on the face of our planet. Our government sold out the people long ago and this just gravy for those potatoes. I guess this just proves that with enough money the progressives can buy anyone and the working people of American are being sodomized from behind (not like there is any other way).

According to the Capitalcityproject.com. our servants have sold us out for a few dollars. I’m shocked that our lawmakers would sell our souls to the NSA. God Bless you Edward Snowden.

I always have to throw in some Global Warming/I mean Climate Change for the Globalist Bureaucrats who want to screw us all over why they live high on the hog so we can feel guilty for their alleged sins. What a farce and people like Al Gore need to go to jail for the rest of their lives.

Larry Klayman should be a hero to all students and people who live west and south of Appalachia. Here is a man who took on the NSA and the Government and has won. Granted CNN has taken their Goebbels approach

Finally, I’ll leave you with the Socialist EPA stud who feigned he worked for the CIA John Beale This man is a DNC politician goldmine. He came to the game too late but since John Corzine isn’t guilty of fraud this man should and will skate from his sins as well. He loves the Earth and did his con game to benefit Her so all should be forgotten and the defrauded people should understand it was done for their own good. You have to understand the law is not written for leftists but for common folk. Once you realize that your sins will be absolved just like religion…oh yeah gov’t is a religion with all the hallmarks but don’t expect the ACLU to point out the commonalities.

Merry Christmas my fellow Travelers

The Kansas Kracker