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I love how the government has PSAs for bullying, when they steal money from the taxpayers to fund these campaigns that lecture the masses about bullying and the negative impact of these events has on society as a whole…and the government is surprised the vast majority of her subjects hates the lying deceiving bitch.

The following are compliments of http://www.foxnews.com/ (this just pisses of the leftists)

Democrat Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal is bullying the UPS to refund the people’s money, which they (UPS) had already basically said they would do. I have to admit I like where he is going so if an entity fails to deliver on their promises then they should refund the customers money. In this case the government has over promised and underperformed since around 1913 when the IRS came into existence so with penalties I am assuming Mr. Richard Blumenthal should request that the Treasury Department return approximately $75k to every legal citizen of the United States for false promises made by Congress and her subsequent alphabet agencies. On this one the Kansas Kracker and the Great Senator from the State of Connecticut can agree. The US Government should return all funds based on failed promises. Thanks Dick for your contributions to this great country, perhaps you should challenge Hillary in 2016 but your list of failures is too short to be considered well rounded enough for the job.

Democrat, Andy Schor, State Representative from Lansing for the Great State of Michigan (home of Kate Upton) and former Department of Education employee under Bill Clinton, wants to ban driver’s license for those who are chronically truant. Instead of forcibly (aka bullying) and probably illegally punishing those who find government education unchallenging and irrelevant for today’s society why doesn’t the good politician assign them readings from John Taylor Gatto, who speaks about why truant officers came about in the first place. They came about because those who skipped school learned more about real life than those inside the safe confines of government disinformation centers called schools and they didn’t want that virus to spread to the rest of the youth. So now this job creating democrat wants to punish even more Americans born citizens by bullying them so illegal aliens (who don’t follow the laws of the land like good little democrats) can take their jobs because they aren’t required to go to school but get a shit load of ‘government’ assistance and a free driver’s license without attending school. I guess the ‘free’ benefits is enough motivation to vote Democrat for life without residency papers but those locally born must be punished into submission to know their role in society. Now this character has created two government dependent categories so he will be on the fast track to DC, the home of Democrat Corruption.

Happy New Year You Native Born Sons and Daughters of America

The Kansas Kracker