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So this week our lead story will be the Supreme Government of the Land of the Enslaved violating their own laws. According to the Washington Times, the aptly named Department of Homeland Security (Orwell would be so proud of our criminal class), is now smuggling illegal aliens across the border without remorse. I’m sure the appropriate kickbacks are paid and whoever said the government acts like the mafia it the nail on the head with that comment. After all, why do you think the government arrests the Mafioso? It is because they despise competition and at the heart of every government and her officials is a socialist tyrant.

A follow up to the above link is the ICE director defending the transportation of illegals, via www.foxnews.com. Between this, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the Fiction of Benghazi and the ever malleable Obamcare our government is lawless. Why do we even have courts? I know to imprison the small fish criminal why the big government criminal fishes swim free.

According to www.truthrevolt.org a Democrat Ohio politician, Senator Ms. Capri Cafaro wants home schooling parents investigated via new legislation. I doubt she cares or is concerned when the union protected government officials (public school teachers) are sleeping with their students but she want parents investigated for raising their own children. Got to love them socialist tyrants and I bet if she has kids they go to private school, after all they can’t hang out with the common folk.

The Egyptian government once again thumbs their nose at Obama by calling the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) a terrorist organization. I can’t believe the Washington Post published this article being how in bed they are with this administration and the number of MB connected officials who are Trojan Horses with-in our own ‘honest and transparent’ government apparatus. Will Hillary Clinton have to give up on her special confidant, Huma Adebin, win she narrowly defeats Chris Christie in the 2016 Presidential “theatrical” elections? I think we all know the answer that Huma will not be vetted properly and will maintain her close relationship with ethically challenged Clinton as the MB influence continues to spread throughout the West. I wonder if we can outsource our government to the Egyptians in a bid to cut costs.

The latest new regarding the ‘knockout’ phenomenon involves a white man, Conrad Alvin Barrett from Texas, as he has been crowned the (In)Justice Department winner of committing the first hate crime associated with this so called game. The Kansas Kracker tips his hate to this POS for hitting 79 year old black man he deserves what he has coming; however, where is our fearless lawyer lord Eric Holder in holding up the prosecution of the blacks who have hit other races with hate crimes? Can the (In)Justice Department really prosecute Mr. Barrett when others of different ethnicity escape the supposed blind justice of the law (I just threw up on myself)? Then again hate crime legislation was designed only to punish one subset of society so justice and the law aren’t blind, they just chose what to see and what to ignore. Over the last 50 years Progressives (aka Democrats/Socialists/Communists) have decreed whatever they want the law to be it will be (for the most current example see Obamacare) to meet their nanny state goals of virtual imprisonment of the masses, especially when the final outcome weakens the individual and family links and only serves to strengthen the Godless State…To prove my point about justice and the law not being blind, check out this article from DNAinfo New York about a women who was sucker punched by what is described as a young black male, but will he be prosecuted when caught under hate crime legislation? Who are we kidding…Good Night America, I hope the sun rises tomorrow.


For all you Obamabots out there and lying government officials providing cover to this illegal legislation, Obamacare costs are starting to creep up with added taxes (…I mean fees) to soak the middle class in 2014. According to the NYpost, a lot of Americans are in for a special tax/fee surprise in 2014 thanks to the socialist snakes of DC. In this time of self-reflection, remember America it was the Democrats who brought us the following:

1. Forced movement of the Indians (Andrew Jackson – D) 

2. IRS (Woodrow Wilson – D)

3. Social (In)Security (FDR -D) – It is a Ponzi Scheme

4. Forced enslavement of Japanese Americans (FDR – D)

5. The Great Society (Medicare/Medicaid/Gov’t Assistance galore) (LBJ – D)

6. Obamacare (Obama and all the Democrats (aka Socialists/Communist) of the legislative branch)

Thank you Democrats and GWB for the $17T of debt and only God knows how much in off balance sheet liabilities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you were wondering why I didn’t mention slavery…it is because it hasn’t ended yet.

Good riddance on 2013 as I can only pray 2014 will be better, but I highly doubt it. Happy New Year and enjoy your libations while you still can!

The Kansas Kracker