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The New Year has started off with a bang and so I will start off with…

The global warming scientists (Scientist: A person paid by the gov’t who has colluded with his/her money masters on a predetermined outcome to attempt to influence the masses with faux data) or more likely activists whose boat got stuck on Christmas Eve in the Antarctic expanding ice field. Keep in mind this is the summer down there and this pesky ice wasn’t supposed to be there due to all the man-made heat; however, the irony in all of this is that God truly does have a sense of humor which he shows time and time again when these people try these stunts. I remember late last year some AGW freaks in Canada had to move their protest inside to the man made heated environment because God’s refrigerator got too cold (One would think Al Gore was there because the cold follows that low life everywhere).

Here is a great piece from www.frontpagemag titled, “The Magical Thinking of the Left” by Daniel Greenfield FYI – the comments I read are just a cherry on top of this wonderful bowl of frozen ice cream

To parlay my brief definition of a modern day government scientist I’ll give my next props to the IMF and their economists (Economist: A person paid by the gov’t or related agency (e.g., NGO, UN, IMF, World Bank) who has colluded with his/her money masters on a predetermined outcome to influence the masses that involves Marxist theories mixed with the Keynesian thought processes where the individual’s wealth will be taken by the State’s via brute force because of the elitist’s (i.e. Ivy League) class f*uck ups). In this case the IMF is telling the Western governments to steal even more from their subjects to fund their runaway Fabian/Jacobin/Progressive/Marxist/Socialist globalist dreams. Damn we are all screwed; it will be as if we are governed by the offspring of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro and Pol Pot conceiving a child together and it having the physical and mental traits of Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Janet Napolitano with the arrogance of Boehner, Clinton, Grahamnesty, McCain, Rove, Reid and Obama. It is as if the average American doesn’t stand a chance in this world.

Per an AP poll: Americans have Little Faith in Government. This is breaking new and it isn’t like they needed a poll. I predict that this ‘Faith in Government’ will continue to plunge southward and I should probably be nominated for and receive a Nobel Peace Prize for this stunning prediction.

In another stunning revelation a Professor who teaches constitutional law at CUNY’s John Jay (he must be spinning in his grave) College of Criminal Justice has opined that ‘Southern White Radicals’ are responsible for the Orwellian named disaster known as the  Affordable Care Act (ACA), Obamacare or The Geriatric Holocaust (ok I made that one up but it will be come true in time – see my stunning prediction above). Let me get this straight a constitutional law professor (whatever that means as we have one in the White House who doesn’t know shit about old documents and who too was ‘educated’ at one of our esteemed Ivy League institution of criminality) says a bunch of pesky Southern White Radicals are to blame. Are these the same pesky SWR who founded the KKK (Byrd – D WV) which makes up one of the brown shirt units of the DNC? You all get the point as I’m just pointing out the irony. By the way my definition of a professor (Professor: A person paid by gov’t funds which were stolen at the point of a gun who has colluded with his/her money masters on a predetermined outcome to attempt to influence the masses and destroy the family unit).

Best of Luck in the New Year as we are going to need it,

The Kansas Kracker