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There was so much hypocrisy to the start of the year I had to break it down in two parts.

I bet the 2014 November elections (Elections: A US gov’t mandated process that occurs every two years on the Federal level whereas the media conglomerates are paid back with stolen taxpayer funds and ironically volunteered donations, except where corporations buy influence of said elected individuals, for their rosy expose protection of Ivy League and political class elitist interests in one of the most corrupted and least honest processes known to man) will stop the inevitable USA Titanic from sinking!

Thank you to the Daily Caller and the Democrats from the State of Colorado for showing us the true meaning and hypocrisy regarding the myth of Progressive/Democrat tolerance. Then again Socialists killed 100 million plus last century and government educated zombies around the globe are still in awe of their intellectual superiority. So forgive me if I have little hope for future generations as history will be rewritten by the government licensed intellectuals who will blame the Tea Party and evil conservatives for the The Holocaust, The Soviet Purges, The Holodomor, and of course Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Obama finally got back from Hawaii to govern the world and the first words out of his mouth were about income inequality after he and the first family spent at least $4mm of taxpayers money (but I’m sure it was much higher) on some RR. The Democrat Hypocrite (yet I repeat myself) is correct about inequality, as it is the parasitic Ivy League Fabian/Jacobin/Communist/Socialist of which he is one, who have gamed the system to enrich themselves from stolen wealth (taxes) and immunity from prosecution via the legislative process (Jon Corzine comes to mind) to enrich their themselves by living off their middle and lower income hosts. This is a time tested Communist process where they the elitist takers pit the middle and lower class producers (and the races that make up these segments of society) against each other, while they pretend to ride in on their white horses to save us all with their faux intellectual superiority. Assholes. (Note: Rich people aren’t parasitic by nature only the generational political elitist and new Ivy League class who feast at the DC and NY trough of protection are so in my book wealthy producers (e.g., John Galt) who make a product the people want deserve all their riches)

Speaking of elitist assholes this next article link is for you Al Gore. Apparently the Gaia Green Movement is so full of hypocrisy they decided to cut down 5 million trees in Scotland to put up those eye sores called windmills to meet those feel good socialist UN mandates. Like those worthless mandates mean anything, just ask North Korea and Kim Jong Il as they rebuff Hans Blix and his strong worded decrees.  (FYI – Putting the word hypocrite, socialist or government official in the same sentence is redundant) I really love watching society and I’m intrigued by how leftists are OK with felling trees to put up windmills and over the course of their life they’ll never realize the irony of their hypocrisy…actually it is very sad. These are the same people who preach to us all that they will plant a tree for every abortion but don’t have the decency to jump off a bridge to save their precious Mother Earth, because some how their life is more important than yours. Apparently they just don’t want to lead by example but instead want to push the rest of us into ovens.

Chris Hayes, one of the high priests of MSNBC (GE) disinformation is ranting about how the DrudgeReport always harps on cold spells that always disrupt AGW protests and “scientific” expeditions. Doesn’t General Electric (GE), the parent company of MSNBC, make those crappy light bulbs full of mercury that were mandated by Congress via their lobbyist efforts so they can pretend to save Mother Earth while enriching themselves with an inferior product which they sell to the public? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Supporting the hoax of Al Gore’s AGW wet dream and funding faux government science which will be water boarded down government educated zombies so they can make money by buying Congressional Demons and enriching them at the same time for years to come. Isn’t America Great! In that last paragraph I could have sold it as…How to Get Rich in America for $4.95 a pop but do to my ethical background I’m giving it to society for free.

To close this post out I’m going to throw out my latest conspiracy and I sarcastically think it is a good one. I for one love conspiracies as nothing in life is certain and you can never trust the government version of events as told, so as Winston Churchill said,“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” Since our elitist government is always at war with her untrustworthy and ungrateful subjects and the thing about a good conspiracy is that there are always elements of fact and elements of fiction and when the government is involved a tale will be told and our job is to decipher which is which

The Kansas Kracker Conspiracy: According to this Newsmax article California may desolve into 6 states if passed by the voters. Tim Draper is putting up his money to get this passed by a vote but I contend that Rand-McNally (map maker) and the flag makers of the world are behind this proposition to enrich their shareholders. They alone used their evil corporate ill begotten gains to fund the religious war in the Balkans to create new countries in the 90’s and most recently incited hatred in the Sudan when the Christian South broke off into their own country for their own perverse selfish wants and needs. As I type this conspiracy manifesto several Southern Sudan factions are warring for their own individual territories and more importantly their own unique flags (Eddie Izzard would be proud). Since Socialists always think governments are benevolent and corporations are evil they finally have their proof, as the likes of Rand-McNally and flag makers afar conspire together to rip the fabric of the United States apart to sell maps and nylon stocking with 56 vs 50 stars on Her broad and mighty shoulders. What the looney leftists need to realize is that the crony corporations and our socialist government work in tune with each other to enrich the elitist class which they despise and admire at the same time. The conspiracy always fools the fool who fails to see their own reflection in the mirror (that sentence is the gem I bestow to society).

The Kansas Kracker