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I changed the name up this week because the word “liberal” should be associated with the likes of Adam Smith and Libertarians and notes Progressive Socialists who stole the word and changed it meaning. I mentioned this on a past blog but failed to correct my own hypocrisy. That is what I like to call transparency so please pass this along to your ‘elected’ officials (I use that term elected lightly because the whole system is a shame).

To start off this week’s blog the NY Times published a piece about that crazed governor in NJ named Chris Christie. Can you believe what crazy ass sh*t this man’s cronies tried to pull by shutting down a lane of traffic. He is a politician so I’m sure the first he heard about it was on the nightly news but the MSM is trying to crucify the poor guy. If only the MSM perused Benghazi, the IRS using selective enforcement against Democrat political enemies (aka The Tea Party), Fast and Furious, and his Louis the XVI lifestyle perhaps the America would be a better place. But like the US ‘journalist’ who was banned from Russia they know better than question the ‘One’.

To parlay the above segment on leftist hypocrisy the ‘law’ in San Francisco decided to charge a transgendered student for fighting back against her/his/its bullies. If there is one thing the government bullies hate to see is a protected individual or class fighting for their own survival, after all that today is the sole purpose for the existence of government. (The Kansas Kracker loves the government PSAs about bullying which are funded by our taxpayer dollars through the element of government cohesion…oh the irony).

Speaking of Big Government, the www.Breitbart.com website (under Big Government) has a great article about 13K people not being in the system who signed up. Thank you Washington DC and our politically elected slave masters for treating your subjects as chattel.

Here is another thought to ponder, the ‘health’ insurance companies have now gotten in bed with Big Government to become Big Insurance  to the tune of $1.1Trillion in new enslavement debt (Breitbart.com should have a new portal called Big Insurance to follow these developments of ACA) so they will now act like GM or Chrysler and will be soon be bailed out and sold to some Italian company at a rock bottom price at the Presidents discretion and the expense of the enslaved taxpayer to benefit his overseas allies and benefactors. Ain’t Global Government Crony Capitalism great when a Communist is was implanted in the White House?

Speaking of Democrats, www.newsmax.com  has a great article written by Greg Richter called “Being a Democrat Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry.” This parallels nicely with my first segment as the NJ issue killed no one (despite what the MSM says as the lady who died, her daughter said that lane closure didn’t kill her) unlike Benghazi, Fast and Furious and I can assume that the due to IRS audits some one killed themselves which was laid out in The Fair Tax Book (Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS by Neal Boortz and John Linder (a great read by the way), but then again those Jacobean/Fabian/Leftist/Communist/Socialist love death, it is their calling in life.

That leads me into this piece posted at CNN about: Are People w/out Kids Happier? Until you have kids the answer is yes, but once you have kids your life will never be the same and for the better. This piece has Planned Parenthood and the UN’s Agenda 21 and their population reduction ideals written all over it just in case you get pregnant you can then go an abort and not feel guilty. See the above piece about the left’s love of death. Take it for what you will, kids are awesome.

To continue by diatribe against leftist/Progressive/Socialist/Communist ideals I wasn’t shocked to read recently that the FBI (political elitist police force -aka Washington DC and NY) will not pursue criminal charges against the IRS (the political debt collection agency of the political elite – aka Washington DC and NY). After all the IRS collects the money which pays the FBI to protect the political (mafia ) elitists from competition and new ideas. I was even more shocked that www.wallstcheatsheet.com followed up with an even more opinionated article about the FBI’s/IRS politics, especially since the ‘most transparent’ administration appointed a new investigator who is an Obama plant, I mean political donor which was pointed out by the Washington Times and Truth and Action. Got to love the hypocrisy of the leftists, after all in the dictionary their is a picture of a DONKEY next to DNC and Democrat.

We are almost done with this week’s shenanigans but a few more to go. So I hope you’ve enjoyed my sarcasm and wit to this point but the hypocrisy only gets better:

According to www.breitbart.com, the Communist State Department has done it again. When it isn’t Hillary killing Americans in Libya and blaming an obscure www.youtube.com video, it is her Ivy League brothers and sisters throwing Israel under the bus. When will the Jews of Israel just get on the Ivy League bandwagon of genocide, of which they are famous for supporting, and just get thrown into the Med? My opinion…don’t do it Israel as I and millions of others support you and the US State Department does not and never has. I know and I know you know this is true but John Kerry does not while he, Obama and Hillary continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood. Why any government in the world listens to these Ivy League and North East grads is beyond me so please don’t do it and if your went there (and from outside of the US) we don’t trust you either and neither should your fellow countrymen and women. They always pick the most deprived individuals who commit genocide on their own people but then again life isn’t precious to leftists and never has been, just look how they treat the living unborn. Egypt (the people and your military)…keep up the good work as acting as a buffer and wreaking havoc in Obama’s administration and stopping their devilish plans .

To continue with this leftist theme, as that is the point of this blog, we will take a look a the Department of Education and her communist John Dewey (Angel of Death – where that man went death followed in the millions) followers. In Alexandria, VA, the forced public school initiative took a turn for the worse when an official was busted for selling laptops which he stole, which were purchased from taxpayer funds that were stolen because of threats of theft by the county.

On a side note: I wonder how many married female teachers are sleeping with their students in this district (I am going to start tracking all teacher student sex just for sh*ts and giggles) but do you realize that the Catholic Church (for full disclosure I’m not Catholic) is crucified for this sick activity and rightfully so, but the State’s Church (Schools) and their clergy (teachers) get a free pass in the media. Again, hypocrisy is the root and soul of leftist dogma but then again morals aren’t part of their ethics and mores.

I’ll prove my point in my last segment. Recently passed anti-gay laws in Nigeria but I never heard an outcry amongst the left at CNN or MSNBC. After all the left doesn’t want to piss of the Muslims, their kindred Middle East/African brothers and sisters who love to kill Jews, Christians and other lovers of life. The left, like the Muslims despise these acts unless it is politically convenient or if the Muslim’s victim is under the age of 18 it doesn’t count. Bruce Bawer at www.frontpagemag.com points this out greatly in this article titled, “Romanticizing a Revolutionary.”  This article is about a darling of the left, a black militant ‘poet’ who recently passed who hates whites, Jews (married to one at one time) and homosexuals and the icing on the cake a convert to Islam late in life. So he hates everyone and belongs at the hotel DNC (Big Government) which has segregated rooms for everyone (hate whites, hate blacks, hate Asians, hate Latinos, hate gays, profess love for all of the above, but love Big Intrusive Big Government) we have a room and a segregated floor just for you. We’ll even film it via the NSA to blackmail you for future DNC loyalty payments (Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams need not apply).

The Kansas Kracker