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MIT Professor, Richard Lindzen, said “Global warming, climate change, all these things are just a (wet) dream come true for politicians. The opportunities for taxation, for policies, for control, for crony capitalism are just immense, you can see their eyes bulge,” this according the linked post above from http://boston.cbslocal.com (CBS Boston). Personally, I’m totally shocked after all the political and monetary paybacks to the DNC from the likes of the ‘green’ (aka US dollars) energy scam such as Solyndra et al, from their taxpayer funded schemes approved by the Department of (Hot Air) Energy, which protects big oil, that will never be investigated by the Department of (In)Justice or the Cartel known as Congress. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

I just came across the Climate Science blog by Derek Tipp out of the UK, who points out the hypocrisy of the mob, better known as the government paid scientist cartel whose cushy lifestyle is subsidized by us suckers, who has a great quote that will make Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC scream and of course they all hate Israelis Jews so all the better…“A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.”
– Abba Eban, Israeli diplomat (1915-2002)

There is hope for the 6th Republic of France after all and perhaps the EU. I think Glenn Beck and the people at The Blaze should do something similar like the pitchfork campaign a few years back but now dump sh*t all over DC, after all they are hogs who have fed at the trough for far too long.

Speaking of The Blaze, they have a great article on the IRS targeting Dinesh D’Souza for some trumped up charge. What does Obama have against Indians? Oh the majority are Hindu and not Muslim so he again unleashes the Potomac Gestapo on another innocent civilian.  Who ever would have thought that America would look like Germany 1938, Russia after the Revolution of 1917 or during the Cold War, or China during their ‘Cultural’ Revolution? But that is what happens when government gets too big and the journalists and academics hop on board the utopian train down the rabbit hole.

To follow up on the IRS’s actions against Dinesh D’Souza, according to the NY Times, this esteemed agency known as the Internal Rectum Servicers (IRS) is also attacking Hollywood Conservatives. I don’t know if the paper’s circulation and revenue numbers are so crappy they’ve seen the errors of their ways, as even Jill Abramson of the NY Times came out and said this is the “most secretive White House,” she has ever covered. My guess is the North East Ivy League Establishment Progressives have gotten all they can from their faux Messiah known as Obama and it only cost them 30 pieces of ‘Clinton’ silver. One wonders what might happen if one becomes too much of a liability?  

Obamacare Time Bomb will make us all government serfs to our political socialist slave masters in DC. Thanks Nancy Pelosi for telling us serfs “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” Not even the DNC ghetto slaves or the college idiots wanted this passed so America has turned into a plantation thanks to Congress and our Court System. DC can’t even follow their own laws so why should the peasants? If you get pinched by the Feds ask for trial and plead with the jury on this point as they will be next or their kids or their parents. Jury Nullification is legal, but our government corrupt schools never talk about it as laws are for little people.

What a busy week of Socialist Stupidity…

On to my next case irony, Jimmy LaSalvia, the founder of GOProud (a gay man) has quit the Republican Party because they are bigots and aren’t worth saving. Is he now going to the DNC because all those Marxist DNC Progressives in Hollywood snubbed all the black films for Oscar nominations because they are bigots??? Leftist Hypocrisy in Action…as the Blacks/African American community is already in bed with the DNC as they suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome, so why would the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood project (progressive DNC party – aka Democrats) who already own your community give you anything of value while they currently court the illegal Hispanics until they screw them over too? That is the question you need to ask yourself, as all of the government intrusion into your lives and communities has resulted in one giant project centrally planned generational genocide. Whenever the Socialist/Fabian/Jacobin/Communist government gets in bed with any group, like a virus invading a cell, it destroys it without remorse and hunts for a new victim and that is what it has done to the Black/African American community in American and it is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in my life. So please Jimmy LaSalvia (don’t have the pot call the kettle black), join the Democrats and see what they do to the gay community overtime as they continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood as we all know how those Conservative Muslims treat the gays (except the ruling class which exempt themselves of such rules for their sexual proclivities…kind of like our US politicians from both parties) in Iran and Afghanistan.

Case in Point…L. Brooks Patterson (CBS Detroit) said what needed to be said and the truth hurts but the thing about the truth is it is at least honest…How long has the DNC owned Detroit, Chicago and watch for NY to take a turn for the worst (not to mention St. Louis, Memphis, LA, Kansas City, Newark and the list could go on)

Speaking of the American proletariat’s (the people the DNC is supposed to champion) enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood got a free pass from the US State Department when going through the TSA (touching special areas). Who needs enemies when your own government will sell you out because of their alleged superior intellect from years of NE inbreeding and their self reinforcing Ivy League schooling that only serves to further reinforce their ignorance of the common man. In a nut shell this proves we are all f*cked…

To continue with the Government Agencies working with the enemy against the wishes of the American serfs, now it comes out the DEA is working with the Sinaloa Cartel out of Mexico. One has to wonder if the Department of (In)Justice is running guns to select Mexican cartels (via the Fast and Furious scandal) so brown people can kill brown people but only the right brown people who are in bed with their US government sponsors like the CIA (wasn’t George H. Bush the head once and in bed with LBJ via Halliburton – See there is no difference between the D and the R) continue to profit from the drug trade. Could that be the reason we are in Afghanistan as well and why we went to Vietnam. What was it the Henry Kissinger said…”Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” At this point in my life I am wholly convinced the whole ‘war on drugs’ (I don’t even trust DARE) was specifically designed in Washington DC and capitals around the world to increase the presence of Big Government Ivy League Socialism into our everyday lives (DEA, FBI, DHS, CIA) and they’ve controlled the production, trade and sales the entire time through wars and their media allies (which they own) provide the propaganda to the masses as they only arrest those who don’t conform to their predetermined standards or fail to provide to appropriate kickbacks. There really is no other explanation as the political class throughout the world over the last 100 years has look upon us all as ants that they can crush at any time and wars are used to see who gets to move the next chess piece.

Speaking of Big Government and the Ivy League (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama) Communist Invasion into our everyday lives, Moochelle the Magnificent has at least verified that the current wife whore occupying in the White House love Hanoi Jane as much as Jimmy “The Israeli Jew Hater” Carter. At this point in the game if you haven’t realized the political class hates you and their country, then you need to jump down the rabbit hole. I fully expect the media (see paragraph above about the Ivy League owning and controlling the media) to provide ample apologies over the next couple of days. If you are in the military I ask why be a pawn for this administration (or any other)and the quote I provided by the NWO Progressive ass Henry Kissinger. Get out while you still can as there is no reason to be overseas fighting wars for politically connected corporations as the US military hasn’t been fighting for the US Constitution for the last 50 years. You’ve been fighting for the UN and a New World Order ran by the most incompetent fools (John Kerry, Francois Holland, Barry Obama and Joe Biden) Satan has ever created.

I want to apologize to those who actually read through this entire post and all the links because through our government controlled educational system, our training and our reliance on television our attention span has been regulated to ignorance. The NUTS will try and post twice a week to consolidated the socialistic stupidity and Idiocracy (a great movie the 2nd time you watch it) that has enveloped the globe (especially the West – please do what I can’t and learn an Asian language like Mandarin and just go if you want to save yourself). The West is doomed as that is the nature of Socialism (destroy your own culture through illegal and immoral taxation schemes, mass immigration and a selective judicial system where only your enemies are punished (aka Jon Corzine walks because he worked for Goldman Sachs, the DNC and was a Democrat Governor of New Jersey so again there are two separate systems as laws are for little people and if you get pinched bring this up in a court of law).

But in my first post under the NUTS, I have to share this story about 12 Years a Slave. I was at work yesterday and my Lady (a wonderful Black Women whom I call my Lady and she calls me Sire) was speaking with a co-worker about wanting to see 12 Years a Slave while I walked by so I turned around and asked if that movie was about our educational system (K-12) and she about lost it because she is a realist and knows the truth. Really, K-12 when the children are in their prime we send them off to government ran schools (prisons) to become government slaves where they learn nothing and are reinforced daily about the ‘goodness’ of government and all her false promises like Obamacare and Social Insecurity and Corporate Croynism. They pretend to learn about goodness of government and how they combat ‘man made’ climate change with stolen funds (taxes) but the children don’t learn about how John Dewey went to Germany, China and Russia and death in mass soon followed but here in America our stolen funds are used against us by the DOE to turn our children against the family vs. the benevolent State. Do we not teach the children about actuaries and how the government runs Ponzi schemes like Social Security (FDR –Democrat) or the outright frauds of Medicare and Medicaid, but we should trust them to properly educate our children through stolen funs (aka taxes) while we then enter the workforce and partake in such crimes against humanity? America today is a Socialist paradise or could be if only they had more power which Obama and Harry Reid seek everyday. In the last 50 years Detroit is bankrupt and most big cities are on their way; however, DC and her surrounding counties are shitting excess dollars in preparation for the Hunger Games. These books and subsequent movies are so popular amongst the youth because they realize this is what the good old USA has become, a lost cause and therefore the gov’t is scrambling because they are in a bind.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, can we please stop singing the National Anthem (The Star Spangled Banner) as we are no longer the home of the ‘Free’ so can we stop with the State sponsored Joseph Goebbels propaganda. I realize wiki will say Nazis where pro corporation and are right wing extremists but they controlled everything and so in today’s Orwellian society the Nazi ‘Right Wing’ is only slightly left of yesterday’s Communist ‘Left Wing.’ and today’s DNC (OK the RINOs may kind of like WWII Germans without the extermination camps but they at least like the Jews unlike the DNC and their NAZI friends who hate everyone just like the Communist Allies and just want to see death (The Abortion and Obamacare Industries). 

The Kansas Kracker