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I love Gary North because he is on the outside (an Austrian and Ron Paul guy who isn’t ashamed to say so) but if you look at Switzerland you know the entire game is rigged out of London and you should do whatever you can to disrupt these peoples plans)/ Why do you think Princess Diana and JFK where let go? Gary North is an Austrian Economist and I believe in this system because I know it to be true because academia and the government (one and the same) hate their theories and have so for the last 100 years. That in and to itself should prove the validity of their arguments. I know I don’t have to convince the Tea Party radicals but if you are in school you’ll never find the truth in a text book but you might through Gary North or at the http://mises.org/ who present a logical argument against our current regime.


Find the Truth (which the gov’t class will hide)

The Kansas Kracker