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I didn’t think too long or too hard about this change, as TWILL was a play off of my youth and watching “This Week in Baseball (TWiB),” hosted by Mel Allen, every Sunday with my old man. The change to ‘NUTS’ is an ode to General Anthony ‘Nuts’ McAuliffe (God I hope he isn’t related to that SOB in Virginia) who gave this one word response when the NAZIS (National Socialism) offered an ultimatum to the Americans at the Battle of the Bulge. Like the American soldiers in the Ardennes during 1944, we many limited government, tea party loving, abortion hating, fiscal responsibility, government accountability watchdogs have our backs against the wall and instead of rolling over to the Progressive New World Order Government supported Socialists (Nazis of today) I say “NUTS.” This country and the billions of people around the globe who have been screwed over by the entrenched political elite, we will not surrender but fight for Liberty and our God given unalienable rights. 

The Kansas Kracker