Please read this man’s wisdom for humankind as it will make us all better…


I realized my first year in college to stupidity of it all but I was trapped, yet it was a cheap lesson. Fred tells you all you need to know for free, and if you want to spend a 10K, go to www.mises.org or www.barnesandnoble.com and you can learn all there is in life for a fraction of a State sanctioned ‘college’ education. I got out when times where good and feel sorry for the grads of today and their parents. The State lied to you and they have since 1913. Go to a library or the web and research the pain they’ve caused mankind. Blog it, Website it, Make a difference as the State is not your friend but your enemy and has been since Woodrow Wilson was in office,as the rest is just make believe. For the love of God (which you supposed enlightened POS believe (God is real – read about NDEs) the State is a fiction and a house of cards and once you wake up then real change can take place. Obama is the root of the evil that is the Ivy League as he attended the same house of evil as GHB, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore  and GWB and their love of working with the British who created the Middle East and the corporations who run the world as we know it today.

There is zero difference between the R’s and the D’s as the people have been played for fools. You can trust know one and that is the best advice the Kansas Kracker can giver you today. In the 2016 elections the players have already been determined and this is 2014, everything is a scam. The sooner you realize it the sooner you won’t even participate in the scam known as voting.

The Kansas Kracker