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I wasn’t going to blog tonight but beer and the SOTU got the best of me so what has happened in the last week?

Things are looking up in the public school system as the students wake up to the lies. I’m sure a judge will nix the lawsuit quickly as their easy lifestyles go down the drain. Perhaps Cali isn’t lost after all but I won’t hold my breath.  Anything that badgers the State is a good thing. Keep up the good work you young students as soon you find www.mises.org, and realize a business or economics degree is worthless when you can get one for free.

Just check this blog response from Ralph Racio in his response to the NY Times Economic wonder boy Paul Krugman (We should really put her down at this point (gov’t death panels and all and the humanity of euthanasia) to the article which Lew Rockwell posted this past weekend.

In a desperate move to buy votes for the DNC, Obama fundraiser and DHS head Jeh Johnson, has said those who broke the law deserve citizenship  (which spits in the face of the subjects which DC does everyday). This should make the unions happy who ask for higher wages when the unemployment rate is north of 20% and Obama and company want more illegal aliens to be hired off the books with fake SS numbers and further reduce wage pressures which are mandated by our plantation masters in DC, which continues to destroy small business and benefits their Big Corporate Masters which they provide tax breaks. If I was a Blackman I’d be pissed that the party I voted for for generations for false promises continues to treat me like a parasite as they bring in cheaper labor.  If the government is anything it is good for those who aren’t citizens. When your intellectually stimulated art history major child moves back home, continue voting democrat so they can allow others who work for less to take your child’s rightful position at Subway and please don’t forget to blame George W. Bush for this outcome. I hate the Bushes, the Clintons, the Gores, the Obamas and the Carters and yes your government is out to screw you over. I hate every politician and that is my hallmark (The Kansas Kracker).

On a lighter note you should read Marty Anderson’s, a good Nordic Swede based on the name I presume, (www.forbes.com) article about the Largest Corporation in History to understand why all those false promises of DC are for not, including your child’s false promises from a higher education authority, which is not ironically approved by the ‘State’.

Also in the news the IRS and DEA hate competition which brings down the price of goods, so they arrested some Bitcoin entrepreneurs (Charlie Shrem) because they failed to pay their tithes and tributes to DC for their existence. It also makes since why the Coast Guard busted these ‘criminals’ because that makes it historic. If only they were on the CIA/IVY LEAGUE payroll. 

In an ironic twist of fate, an Obama phone enrollee had her phone stolen, and I presume this is from an individual who was taking back what he/she initially paid for with their confiscated funds (aka taxes), so I don’t know if the fake criminal court can press charges. One always has a right to their own personal property if stolen by criminals or the State, which are one and the same. If you happen to steal Obama’s beach house in Hawaii or Charlie Rangel’s DR property, I’d consider it a legal transaction if I was appointed to that faux jury.

I will leave you with this nugget which will destroy the bread and circus of college athletics (which I so much enjoy). A Northwestern football player (and fully socialized student K-12), with the benefits of the progressive ESPN spin, want to unionize college athletics. Since ESPN has turned into a communist outlet of ABC and Disney, won’t these athlete have to file a W2 for all their currently untaxed ‘benefits’. If we should all be equal, shouldn’t their excellent ‘free schooling’ housing, food, tutoring, under the table cash and other fringe benefits be taxed at the time they pay some asshole who lives a Congress ‘Individual’ like lifestyle on their behalf? I’m all for this and athletes being paid but the Kansas Kracker will take full credit for throwing this idiotic idea of unionization to rest, but I’m sure I won’t get the credit as they get taxed like the rest of us subjects for ‘fringe benefits’. This poor individual was taken advantage of and I feel sorry for him but in the interest of the ‘State’ and Communism they too have to pay their ‘fair’ share.

The Kansas Kracker