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To give proper credit to all parties on an earlier post I wouldn’t have found Marty Anderson’s article on www.Forbes.com if is wasn’t for the Modern Day Bread and Circuses posted at Laissez Faire Club: www.lfb.org, which I encourage everyone throughout the world to read. Like the www.mises.org website this information is free and that is what makes it so valuable and I got turned on to both www.lfb.org and www.mises.org because of what Gary North writes. When academia, the MSM and Congress disagree with your theories, you know you are on the path to the truth and that is why I linked the above sites.

These people will change your life along with John Taylor Gatto as the whole process of education and economics are interrelated and the State will never tell you the truth.

Peace to All,

The Kansas Kracker