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I took some blogging time off as like everyone I get sick of all the electronic access we have at the tip of our fingers. It is 24/7 and it is killing us all. So what has happened in current events as of late?

The Ohio National Guard trains against ‘anti-government’ 2nd amendment terrorists. And I thought the military was supposed to protect the people from enemies, foreign and domestic. I wonder if they ever train to take over DC and throw the criminal class in jail that spread their misery throughout this country and the world.

In a sign of hope, the Maryland legislature passed legislation which targets the water and electricity of the NSA, you know the group that hates the 4th amendment.

One of the few people in DC I like because I remember when the DNC came out and tried to crucify this African American male, what do those people of tolerance call him? That is right an Uncle Tom. Clarence Thomas also goes on to say in this yahoo news article that he experienced the most intolerance and poor treatment from Northeast Socialists who run the Ivy League den of vipers. First and foremost to be a member of the elitist socialist/communist club of Congress and the DNC one must perfect the skill of living life as a hypocrite.

Susan Jones at www.cnsnews.com, wrote a piece on how our awesome AG, Eric Holder now wants felons to vote. The racket goes like this…We arrest you, you are separated from your family, we (The benevolent State) give your family free stuff from the taxpayers to make them forever dependent, like “bureaucratic” slaves and now we want you to vote but only if for the Jackass Party (aka Democrats, lovers of slavery and death).

The Bureaucratic Scum of Summit County Colorado are on the warpath against Andy and Cecil Barrie as it sounds like they lied and are now trying to use eminent domain to steal their property. This country is turning into a banana republic if we aren’t already there. Then again we are all just bureaucraticslaves to our benevolent bureaucratic overlords who allow us to exist while they attempt to bring Hell to Earth as they create their centrally planned utopian society.

In shocking news, a former politician from the least corrupt state of Illinois, Melvin Jay Reynolds who also graduated from Harvard and received a Rhoades scholarship was arrested in Zimbabwe on child porn charges. This isn’t his first run in with the law but thanks to Bill Clinton he was pardoned so he could practice his evil in Africa.

The FCC, academia and George Soros want to violate the 1st amendment (I see a pattern with this administration and their connected ilk) to make sure newsrooms give the American public what information we need. The government wants to install their bureaucratic thought police throughout airwaves to stifle those who no longer believe their mantra and constant lies. My presumption every day is that I’m lied to by the government, media and academia and since I’ve come to that conclusion I’m at peace with myself. Every day we look more like NAZI (National Socialism) Germany, Communist Russia or China under Mao. I’m sure I’ll find myself in a ‘labor’ camp one of these days working for the glory of the State.

A good article called Windfalls of War on www.foxnews.com website is a nice reminder that War is a Racket, a booklet by General Smedley Butler and always has been. One can’t help but find the correlation between the alleged passage of the 16th amendment and the start of WWI just a short time later. A coincidence I think not.

Jonah Goldberg’s latest piece called, “Attaching Diversity of Thought” points out how the elitist view the rest of us as there is two quotes from these enlightened dunces who currently go to Swathmore and Harvard. As I like to say…”Nobody wants to hear the truth, they just want to believe their own groups version of the lies.”

Kerry Kennedy doesn’t want to pay the piper for her crimes so she can continue her extensive human rights work abroad. It must be nice to be a child of privilege and live by the motto do as I say not as I do. To be a limousine liberal is to have it all and not have to live with the consequences. I vaguely recall years ago Al Gore’s son fled the police while being drunk and the MSM hushed it up. Of course if I was Al Gore’s son I’d drink and drive too, as of now I just drink at home or call a cab if I’m out.

In NYC abortions now outnumber live births amongst the black population. This is a striking statistic and really shows how far our society has fallen and it is downright tragic as the hatemongers on the right cry for these poor lost souls and the compassionate left cheers on industry of death. The abortion industry is really just about money laundering for the DNC. How it goes is the woman gets pregnant and then goes and gets an abortion. The taxpayers somehow fund this abortion and then planned parenthood kicks back some of these funds to their leftist political allies and the DNC all the while the taxpayer foots the bill.

That sums up the last two weeks in this topsy-turvey world.

The Kansas Kracker