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All is still right with the world as it is one complete mess, just ask the residents of Kiev. I do find some irony that the American press is now concerned with the Ukraine but back in the 1930’s when the Holodomer went down the ‘free’ press in America like the NY Times just covered it up as it put communism in a bad light (that too is ironic).

So far this week’s developments include the following:

Merrill Hope wrote a brilliant piece about how absurd Common Core really is and she did me (The Kansas Kracker) and George Orwell very proud (Almost as proud as a parent whose kid is on the honor roll).

I like this Julie Boonstra who suffers from cancer and had a thing or two to say about Obamacare and the neo-Leninist who ‘represents’ her in the State of Michigan, Democrat Gary Peters. First off best of luck to you Julie but my true ire is towards Gary who according to the linked article set his gov’t lawyer pit bulls on the TV stations for running the ad with FCC and licensing consequences. To me he should be tried under the RICO Act for such a communist progressive move but we know that the scum sucking politicians are above the law and Eric Holder won’t press charges.

Speaking of the magnificent Eric Holder, several black pastors are asking for his impeachment according to www.cnsnews.com. I guess us crazy libertarian, NY Times calling Tea Party Terrorists aren’t the only racists (excuse me Uncle Toms) in America. Of course I figured La Raza would be all over his ass for running guns to Mexico where brown people are killing brown people but the DNC shut them up real quick.

Eric Holder the enlightened has also been in the news for telling the AGs of the States to pick and choose the laws they want to enforce, most notably the defense of marriage bans. As a libertarian I’m torn on this issue as I think 95% of all laws and government are bad; however, if this is a precedent set by the Feds, then all laws are null and void and anarchy should reign supreme. Finally the peasants/sheeple of America are on the same footing with our elitists overlords as now both can pick and choose what laws apply them. Thanks Eric you badass.

This next part is one long paragraph as it includes a rant and what I think are excellent points so I apologize for not breaking it up as I try and keep my opinions short and to the point…

In the linked article above Eric the Unaccountable was talking about Arizona’s law that was vetoed by Jan Brewer today that was denying services to homosexuals for their wedding services (The Kansas Legislature recently did the same). Again as a libertarian I’m torn on this issue as I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage but if I was gay why would I want to marry. The reason these laws are trying to be passed is because intolerant gays and their money men (and women) are purposely targeting Christian businesses. In Kansas the law was written because a florist who had provided flowers for years to a gay couple for all their special events (who he and they each considered friends) but he told them because of religious reasons he couldn’t for their marriage. They put their friendship on hold and immediately stabbed him in the back because ironically they are tolerant leftist gays (no such thing I made that up).  After all the only people that really want gays to marry are lawyers and the gays they’ve brainwashed (and of course the leftist sheep they do anything the DNC tells them) as it is an untapped divorce market (in my humble opinion) and to sue small Christian religious orientated businesses (tolerance from the left my ass). The gay couples that bring these lawsuits against mom and pop enterprises (florists, bakers, photographer and the church) only do so to target Christians and to make money. Ironically, these gays who purposely target these enterprises never walk into a Muslim baker or a Muslim photographer or a Muslim florist who because of their religious convections would also turn them down and that is why I think they’ve been targeted specifically by those lawyers and political groups with nefarious agendas. So the progressives, who have staked their worldly conquest on the help of Muslims, have now alienated both the conservative Muslims and the Christians who hold religious doctrine seriously. Kind of like Americans used to hold the law and the Constitution seriously until our Ivy League masters proved over and over that laws are only written for the little people. I just wanted to point out how certain business are specifically targeted and crucified in the press but then the press conveniently and expected never interviews a Muslim. – The one given in life is that hypocrisy is the common denominator of all leftists/socialists/progressives/communists –

I’ll finish with the absurdity of the government ran educational prison bureaucracy we call schools. A young man in Tennessee named David Duren-Sanner , a teenager, drives his dad’s car to school and the school is running a shakedown ‘random lockdown’, a violation of the 4th amendment I might add and they find a knife that belongs to his dad in his car that is in the parking lot of all places. Zero tolerance and zero common sense comes into play as they the school are running this exercise on behalf of DHS and the other bureaucrats to prepare their students (and to collect data on the feasibility of implementing this throughout the US) for the random seizures and middle of the night door knocks by ‘Federal Gestapo/Stasi/KGB Officials’ looking for dissidents who may be reading banned books. Keep your chin up David Duren-Sanner and I encourage you to read anything John Taylor Gatto has written and please share it with your friends and family. The State is Enemy #1, not you and I.


The Kansas Kracker