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I realize it has been awhile since my last post for my 10 (million) followers; OK the million is a slight exaggeration (so perhaps I should run for office) and I blame life, that damn thing catches up to us all but it is all worth it when we can fight the Leviathan for the freedom of our kids, you know the leviathan that pretends to educate them in their churches (I mean schools)!

So you wonder why I believe all of us common, peons of America are slaves. Then just follow this week’s line-up for proof. I know this concept of being a slave is hard to believe in as we supposedly are living in the land of the ‘free’ but we are anything but and once you cross that bridge, life is so much sweeter…

Hats off to Al Jazseera USA (and therefore Al Gore) for pointing out the life of luxury he and his father and many legislators live and have lived by stealing and lying to the taxpayers. Irony at its best!

The IRS again proves we are all slaves to our Master Uncle Sam. The aforementioned linked article from Americans for Tax Reform (I say abolish) prove that we have a ‘shared responsibility payments’ so we can all be equal, but as Orwell pointed out in Animal Farm some are more equal than others. In a nut shell he was talking about politicians and their bureaucrat cronies the world over; whether you live in London, DC, Beijing, Moscow or Brussels the Marxist ideas are front and center and are perpetuated solely so the political class can live the high life why the rest of us suffer as they pave the road to Hell with their ‘good’ intentions (cough, cough ACA).

One of the greatest American liars of all time, ironically a Democrat politician from Nevada, Harry Reid says all the ACA horror stories are untrue. This man and his media allies have made a career out of lying and his time is almost up and I pray for him and hope he is right with God. The right one not the dark one but I won’t hold my breath.

Speaking of Democrat politicians like Harry Reid, we all know how much the DNC loves babies and blacks but apparently not as much as they say. As this article from www.cnsnews.com show that in Mississippi the DNC don’t love the blacks that much when 73% of all abortions in that State kill unborn black babies. I’m sure these unborn black babies have registered to vote but this might be why the DNC hates voter ID cards. After all they have to kill the unborn because they love them so much and don’t want them to suffer under their government leadership.

Speaking of authoritarian regimes that provide death to their citizens, in the ‘free’ State of Maryland the cops say you have zero rights. This arresting officer would make a great representative in Washington DC for the people of Maryland. He would say all the right things in the primaries and then when he was elected to the den of thieves he’d stab the citizen in their back. This is a perfect case study why citizens no longer trust the cops and the government and her bureaucrats. The bureaucrats in all spheres of government (local/state/federal) have developed God complexes where they exist above the law and we exist only to serve their lives of opulence.

In a related story of bureaucratic authoritarian decrees, in California an American (which could mean European, Cuban, African, Asian, N/C/S American, Antarctican, or many more) can’t wear an American flag T-Shirt on Cinco de Mayo as it might offend Mexicans. The 9th Circus court, which is made up of self-appointed intellectuals, didn’t realize that Peruvians, Columbians, Brazilians, Chileans, Hondurans, Uruguayans, amongst other Latin American groups who immigrated to the US might be offended on this favoritism granted to Mexicans and Mexican Americans on this Corona made up holiday only because they are greater in numbers and their decree wasn’t based upon the blind justice of the law but on the fear of mobocracy in the deep blue Socialist Welfare State of California. As Shawn and Gus from Psych would say…Suck It you Leftist Hypocrites.

The Kansas Kracker