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There was so much good stuff that I couldn’t put in yesterday’s post that I had to make another. The bureaucrats are on a rampage so the material writes itself.

If you’ve read my posts you know how much I despise Ivy League graduates. Know other small group in the history of mankind has done more harm to the world than these self-appointed leaders of the ‘free’ world than Ivy League grads. We all know how bad George W. Bush was and his father too, but so was grandpa Prescott, but what about the Gores and the Kennedys, the Roosevelts and Bill Clinton went across the pond to their sister system of corruption and greed. Hell, even the Middle Eastern Despots and Dictators across the globe send their offspring to these alleged dens of democracy, but really they are only places where their students swear allegiance to each other and said families and not to their country men and women nor their Country’s Constitutions. I’m just a peon and realized this but it would take a real journalist to paint a finer picture but they went there too so nothing really changes. The system is set and the little people will stay little while the connected build their New World Order.

I’ll start this post with a linked Joe Kovacs article on the wonderful Sandra Korn from Harvard who hates different opinions than her own. A groupthink mentality is the primary goal of any leftist education and she should give the commencement speech. If I was the State Department or the UN I’d already be paying her to come on board but watch out as Hilary Clinton may poach her expertise as she makes a run for the White House to run the ‘free’ world. Give Sandra Korn a little bit of time and this blog will be off the WWW and I’ll be in a labor camp. Go America we are #1 in Freeduh (Thank you Homer Simpson).

Speaking of Ivy League Grads, their most prominent leftist Constitutional scholar, Barry Obama (BHO) can’t even spell the word RESPECT. One hell of a CIA operation you guys got going there.

I’ll stop criticizing the Ivy League for a second and go to the State school of Purdue University, a cathedral/church who spreads the Religion of the State. Purdue University accepted a gift from Dr. Michael McCraken and his wife for $12.5K but they requested that the word ‘God’ appear on the plaque. PU took the word ‘God’ out as they said it amounted to the State endorsing religion but the ironic thing is that colleges and universities support a religion called the State of Socialism. Of course the State uses justifiable force to steal funds to support their organization so it is OK, taxes are just a forced tithe (vs an actual religion which is supported by voluntary tithes) which the university uses to indoctrinate the paying students to support the State religion of Socialism. Hypocritical yes, but it gets better as PU then began to show that they only worship money (A State religious Icon (i.e. a golden calf) as they changed their tune when other voluntary donors questioned this action and withdrew their monetary support. www.ChristianNews.net now says Purdue University has come to their senses as their State false idol of money came into question and like the whores they are capitulated and have now compromised. What that means I do not know but like I said they are whores like a lot of churches who worship money more so than the intelligence of the Supreme Being known as God. Lesson Learned? I doubt so by PU and the American Public but I’m hopeful.

Next up let’s talk about the marriage of gov’t and media. Ronan Farrow won the Cronkite Award for being on air for 3 days on MSNBC. Everything is just theatre for us unwashed peons as the whole thing is one giant fraud. The media is in charge and takes their kickbacks every election cycle for providing ‘unbiased’ journalism to the protected class. After all there are no journalistic ethics in America and haven’t been for over 100 years.

Speaking of ethics let’s talk about the whores at the IRS. I’m sure I’ll be audited by Louis Lerner’s old bunch who targets those who dare have an opinion…God Bless the Land of the “Free?” and the home of the Brave. But what about this couple that bought some land and found some Gold? You know the IRS want their piece for doing nothing but they steal land and labor every day in the supposed land of the ‘free’. I’m sorry I have a very hard time saying the word FREE today because no American can claim a title less than a Slave to Uncle Sam. God Bless and Good Luck to the family that came about this find but it should only be claimed as capital gains as the land was owned for greater than 1 year so tell the IRS to suck it. By the way my fellow Americans, try and keep some wealth outside of banks in the form of gold, silver and anything else the friendly IRS can’t touch that can be moved quickly and across imaginary borders, diamonds come to mind.

How about that 50 year Republican War on Women? See what Democrats are up to, especially Alan Grayson (D). Democrats have always liked to profit off beating up minorities (blacks, latinos and women) and Alan is no different. If you want to be a Democrat, then profit off the poverty you create for others, especially minorities as they are an easy target.

Speaking of the competence and hypocrisy of Democrats, Jerry Brown, the Democrat Governor of California says marijuana is a bad idea because it reduces America’s competitive advantage, like Social programs don’t. This is an odd statement coming from a Socialist who will give free money (aka, taxes forcibly stolen from the public by the State) to any freeloader whether they are legal or not who will cast their ballot for another election cycle for any Democrat on the ballot. Granted this isn’t legal but it has been done at the State and Federal level for the last 150 years and this is why I will only selectively vote as the whole system is one giant scam, just like the education industry.

Case in Point:

If you don’t think you are a Bureaucratic Slave then read this piece by Bob Unruh titled Obamacare Blocks Patients Paying for Treatment where the Insurance Industry, Gov’t Bureaucrats (aka Death Panels) say it is our choice not yours. This all comes down to false promises by Democrats from FDR to the present where they promised the American people Social Security to Medicare (LBJ) but now they have to kill you so they don’t have to pay because we (USA) are insolvent. Isn’t it great to live in the land of the ‘free’ (only if you are illegal’ and the home of the brave? If you are old you are dead and if you are black and unborn, well you get the same treatment thanks to the DNC. What a world we live in!

Just for shits and giggles let’s look at the unconstitutional actions of our illegal government as the King (BHO) said we’ll grant a two year delay because we fucked up so bad and have to try and save our party without any Congressional approval.  Granted I wouldn’t trust any gov’t official with my daughter but considering we have a King/Emperor why are the taxpayers on the dole for the rest of the whores of Congress and their staff when they do nothing? I just saved the taxpayer something around $50B on my calculations alone so now we can get rid of the GAO and save even more…

The Kansas Kracker