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Maylasia Airline Goes Down:

I’ll agree I believe in conspiracies as too many people die oddly who are connected to those who are connected politically (see the Clintons or Princess Di). Jack Cashill alone proved flight TWA 800 was shot down by either American forces or foreign operatives, so I ask who was on that flight and who was on this Maylasian flight that went down? Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control but too many times things happen because someone pulls the trigger and the media covers it up with vigor (this goes back to remember the Maine and continues to this day…yes the history books lie just like the gov’t). Flight TWA 800 was a huge cover up by the NTSB for Clinton’s re-election just like the gov’t, under Clinton, killed a bunch of people in WACO, TX, for no reason and many of them were black.

Again, look at the works of Jack Cashill to prove this fact that the staples of lies from the NY Times and WAPO fail to cover these governments misdeeds. Doesn’t Warren Buffet own WAPO (Washington Post) and now wants a bigger ownership in small town papers. What do Warren Buffet and George Soros know that us little people don’t? Is this another remember the Maine or Gulf of Tonkin episode that were both led by progressive politicians that led us to war and gleefully supported by the gov’t approved papers. These kind of actions make me think of Pearl Harbor and the Iraq invasions? Are the papers and government in cahoots together collaborating to form popular opinion to support the next war. It is like 1916, 1941, 1950, 1963, 1990 again. The ironic thing is only the Ivy League connected businesses profit from all the government imposed turmoil, just like the false decrees of Global Warming, I mean climate change or whatever is MSM politically convenient today. One would think there is a connection but I wouldn’t ask the ivy league graduate journalists to investigate as there might be a conflict of interest, kind of like them failing to investigate the shenanigans on Capital Hill today. Bingo!!

The Kansas Kracker