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It is been a slow week outside of the complete disappearance of a flight out of Malaysia. Did it crash or is there something sinister behind what occurred? All I know is don’t let the NTSB and Bill Clinton’s cronies investigate what happened and I’d leave the FBI out of it too, unless of course the CIA is involved then they can all have a party and pull the wool over all our eyes.

Sharyl Attkisson resigns because she was forced out by the White House. Why? She fought for the truth on Benghazi which won’t ever see the light of day, especially with the Hildabeast gearing up for the fake, preplanned and already determined outcome of the 2016 elections. The Kansas Kracker wishes the best of luck to you Sharyl, for trying to find the truth and fighting the beast of the leftist lying media complex. It has been going on since long before you or I were born (cough – remember the Maine (Google it) it is called yellow journalism).

The CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson, like Tim Cook from Apple, is telling the global warming deniers to get out of the way but how about they get out of the taxpayers wallets with gov’t sanctioned tax favors. Damn Hypocrites, this is like GE and Phillips doing this same global warming crab to sell the world shitty light bulbs. These hoaxes are contrived at Davos by the WEF and these lies are sold to the children through the Agenda 21 schooling process. Truly it is genius but once you have reasoned that all media and gov’t tales are lies, then the world is painted in a much more favorable light. That being said, these two corporations and their leaders have their heads so far up the assess of politicians and their ‘free’ handouts from the taxpayers that this is laughable. Virgin flies planes and puts 7.1MM metric tons of CO2 into the air according to this www.dailycaller.com article and that may be close to Al Gore and The Obamas combined elite private travel totals in the last year. Perhaps the British banks had to cash in on their fake global warming credits/derivatives to enhance their balance sheets this year so they sent out Mr. Branson and Tim Cook to cash in some favors? What? The world is so messed up that this theory is a plausible as any!

Speaking of Global Warming/Change/Cooling whatever is the flavour (I’m going British, see the paragraph above) of the week. The Democrat Socialist/Commies/Jacobins/Fabians have held an all-night conference to scare the crap out of children worldwide. Which is ironic because usually they justify their killing through back handed taxpayer contributions through Planned Parenthood and UN African interventions. Needless to say, their taxpayer funded NOAA hacks haven’t been accurate in 25 years of hurricane forecasting so they just quit because those damn storms are pesky and don’t show up on cue according to their false models. Perhaps they should look to the IPCC for guidance on how to gin up favourable outcomes to increase taxpayer grants for false scientific outcomes and Nobel prizes. That being said, the US Congress and her army of bureaucrats for years have yearned to legislate the Sun’s activity so I propose that the EPA round up 10k employees for a fact finding mission and travel to the Sun to gather essential data for their computer model outputs. I for one can’t wait for their findings.

Speaking of gov’t dolts like the NOAA, the school administrators in Tacoma, Washington threw a hissy-fit because a kid wore a pro-life T-Shirt. God (can I say that?) and our Founding Fathers granted us all with the Bill of Rights and the 1st of those (1st amendment for my 300K leftist followers) included free speech. That being said, in the Bill of Rights, nor any amendment since, has there been anything about forcing the people to pay taxes to an unaccountable entity for forced tithes to The Socialist Churches of The State known today as skools to ‘educate’ the children of the world. Am I the only one who sees the irony?

I hate politicians with a passion because I hate serial liars, there are few and far between any good ones, but Charlie Crist makes Obama look “decent” dare I say. This man will jump between R and D (not that there really is a difference anymore) 15 times in a day just so he doesn’t have to ever work a real job in his life. This man was all up in the R’s a few years ago and now he is saying God Bless Obamacare as he tries to steal more taxpayer monies running as a Dem. Isn’t Florida home to all the Medicare fraud so perhaps he is looking for his piece of the HHS pie? If I manufactured guillotines, which may be lucrative in the coming years, I’d have a line named after this SOB.

Finally, in a rare instance of good news in the world, a 7-year old named Josh Hardy will hopefully get some life saving treatment from the pharmaceutical company Chimerex. I wonder if Chimerex told HHS that we can no longer hold off the PR this boy is getting as Socialistic governments across the globe love death more than life. They love killing the unborn because it reinforces their God complexes they developed in Ivy Leagueland and with socialized medicine they rationalize the death of the elderly will save the taxpayers money from their long ago false and unfunded promises of utopia (Social Security and Medicare). Of course this only applies to the common citizens of the world and not the myriad of gov’t employees and their family members as they are essential for the Sun to continue her perpetual orbit around our flat Earth.

The Kansas Kracker