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I don’t have the followers of Jim Jones, and thankfully so, but I’m not dead nor am I yet in a FEMA camp but that time will come I’m sure. I thought my PC died and then I went on perhaps one of my last vacations (see FEMA camp reference above).

So what has happened in the last two weeks?

According to a Washington Times article on 3/13/14, both Democrat ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid and rising ‘Republican’ star Mike Lee (aka two entrenched Senators who are political class criminals) have a corruption investigation that was blocked by Eric ‘The Truth’ Holder and the Department of Injustice, after all these people protect themselves at all cost and are above the laws they write for the little people. This just proves there is no two party system and the whole shebang is rigged with the election cycle just being a monetary kickback to the controlled media class for Joseph Goebbels political coverage. Forget the Pulitzer go for the Goebbels but the NY Times would win every time.

In a sign of the coming global governance the USA gave control of the Internet away to ICANN. I’m sure Obama, the DNC and the State Department are thrilled with this action as to consolidate power. I wonder if this too was negotiated behind the scenes like Crimea for our bloated and un-payable debts? Then again the US and her corporations funded Communism and Nazism to profit off both side of the two world wars. Then again the US practices a hybrid of both of these philosophies as Capitalism hasn’t been seen since Teddy R took office over 100 years ago.

Another travesty that has occurred in the USA, thanks to the Big Gov’t ‘Republican’ Nixon is the EPA and their Gestapo tactics. Here is an interesting article on a productive American Citizen named Andy Johnson from Wyoming who is a welder (not an EPA employee I might add) who has been threatened with fines by the commies for building a stock pond on his own property. If I recall the whole of DC exists on a former swamp which was drained so these bureaucrats can destroy people’s lives like they did to the poor plants and animals that used to exist in harmony where the concrete jungle of DC now resides. The EPA are a bunch of Bureaucratic Hypocrites. – Andy and anyone else involved with immoral and illegal EPA actions, please allow your lawyers to utilize this argument in your depositions and arguments against the EPA in court to point out the irony of their actions. And, thanks to the precedent set by Obama’s pen and paper decrees, when I’m elected POTUS (or Allen West, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz) I’ll will dissolve this alphabet organization along with many others with the stoke of my pen and bypass the Corrupt and Connected Congress like any other Banana Republic Dictator. What a Great Country!

Dianne Feinstein (whose family has made millions off her gov’t connections) is outraged that the CIA may have spied on Congress. This is all theatre as she isn’t outraged as she and her family and connected donors have made their money long ago because of such spying. Of course the CIA and NSA have spied on Congress, politicians, judges etc… Our Poison Ivy League Shadow Gov’t controls everything and that is why it only makes sense to send your kids to such a cesspool of shit, haven’t you seen The Skulls? The Bushes, The Clintons, Obama and his supposed wife Moochelle and many Senators and other DC officials are current and long ago products of these ‘elite’ British designed institutions of corruption and greed. I know I repeat myself but federal elections are decided long before November and once you realize that, you truly are a free American.

As far as going Green, the NAZIS (good leftist National Socialists) loved to burn human bodies but so does the UK and DNC in the USA. Wasn’t it at a Wendy Davis rally were the leftist baby killers were showing their allegiance to Satan? Or can we go to this article by Doug Giles at http://townhall.com where Satan Finally Found His Politically Party – The Democrats.  But Duh, what does the D stand for? Now we know but us on the right always knew…

The leftist intelligentsia socialists in America continue to show their superiority to the common folks thanks to Democrat, Sheila Jackson Lee. I know 400 years is a long time Sheila but thanks to gerrymandering and current immigration policies (which there are none) your seat is safe but I want to see you and Paul Krugman between two ferns to solidify the leftists place in society and their superior intellect. Just like our next crop of college grads. Or we could go the New York, a bastian of Leftist Global Socialist Progressivism where there is the most segregation in USA schools between whites and others (aka Blacks and a Latinos – the word Hypocrisy comes to mind). But then Fred on Everything has this gem to back up how worthless government schools are but then again everything they touch turns to stinky shit. Why anyone trusts any government today is beyond me. They are nothing but a criminal cartel that produces nothing but yet manages to steal wealth and dignity from their bureaucraticslaves (aka subjects) with the help of their media allies.

Case is Point:




Basically, Kathleen Sebelius has told us laws don’t matter and the wording is malleable so according to our current administration the 16th amendment is open legally to whatever we want it to mean. For this, and this only, we can actually thank the DNC, Obama and Kathleen Sebelius because their actions have set a precedent for libertarian law. The irony will never be lost on me. God Bless the USA.

The Kansas Kracker