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Work reduced my postings but none-the-less the world went on and the political class won…

Cow Flatuance is now a primary concern of governments world wide and the graduates of the Ivy League institutions. Wow George H an d W, Barack, John Kerry, Al Gore and Hillary are so smart. By the way can a cow defend itself? I feel so safe and protected by the Poison  Ivy League elitists class.

Then again the EPA decided continue their NAZI roots and conducted human experiments. God Bless the left????

Speaking of EPA and IVY League lies something slipped through the cracks…Thank you Gateway Pundit….

In California a local couple had the help of the DNC. The DOJ and their allies in the DNC helped out a couple with their voting card but I’m shocked that Jimmy Carter hasn’t chimed about getting help from the UN for 2014. I guess the foreign election machines will elect a predetermined candidate from one of two parties on its own.

The CIA finally admitted they lied.  They did what they do best and protected their whores, a politicians from an the Ivy League school or the bitch Hilary Clinton. The CIA was set up for this exact situation.

Speaking of Hilary Clinton, the State Department lost only $6B in funds which probably went to the IMF. Perhaps we should to an audit of this organization. Paul Craig Roberts has a great take on this and his imbedded link only proves the point. What I’m saying is the State Department has been and will always be a whore of an institution, just ask Hilary.

Believe in Phoney Numbers, just as a Dr. –  April Fools, the Gov’t is the chief fibber as it has always been. This goes back to FDR. The one constant in life isn’t the constant of gravity, it is that every government lies their ass off.

By the way don’t pray to God pray to the State (a deity unto herself).

Speaking of the protected class. I was glad and expected to see a DuPont heir was let off from charges from raping his own 3 year old daughter. It is sad but it shows how the political/elitists class and the judicial class are in bed with each other and above the law. It is us vs. them as the elitist class just showed that money can buy freedom and influence, why the rest of us suckers try and uphold the ‘law’. Our legal/economic system has turned into a joke of a system as the criminal Ivy league cartels continue to run free in DC as it has for the last 100 years.

God Help Us All

The Kansas Kracker