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It is almost tax hell day when we all are forced to tithe our contribution by force of gun or imprisonment to the Church of the State. Let us take a look at some of the Marxist actions taken the last couple days here in the supposed ‘land of free’.

According to the www.dailycaller.com no ‘Progressive’ groups where targeted by the IRS (aka The American Gestapo, Brown Shirts, Leftist Thugs, DNC theft negotiators). Nothing here in the ‘Land of the Free’ is impartial or fair and the asylum is truly staffed by the criminal class in DC, such as Lois Lerner who is just a taxpayer funded hit man for the DNC.

Oops, Elijah Cummings was involved in the IRS Gestapo’s Conservative witch hunt (another DNC hit man I might add)…-hat tip to the Tea Party Economist, Gary North

The www.dailycaller.com also pointed out ‘Tax Freedom Day’ whatever the hell that is, was three days later this year than last. Then again we are all just a bunch of bureaucraticslaves living on the Gov’t Plantation. Tax Freedom Day should be January 1st as the ‘Parasitic and Cancerous State’ should live off of duties only.

Speaking of Lois Lerner, the esteemed ‘RINO’ John Boehner is going to ask the Justice Department to look into pressing charges against the lying ex-IRS Gov’t official. This is all show as Boehner serves the elitist class in DC (they must have something juicy on him) and not the proletariat class. The proletariats just serve their time and pay their forced tithes twice a month and make up the rest of it in April if needed so the Gov’t can send out their alphabet agency minions to steal everything else, such as cattle (see below). The USA is looking a lot like the Socialistic paradises of Germany and the USSR in the 1930’s.

Speaking of the Department of Injustice and John Boehner, how is he supposed to draw water from that well when Eric ‘The Red’ Holder said he claims ‘vast amount of discretion’ when enforcing the laws, according to www.thehill.com.

Of course this week we also have a development in Nevada where an alphabet soup agency, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is surrounding a rouge citizen, Cliven Bundy, a Clark County rancher, by force over his cattle and $1 million in disputed fees. (Didn’t the State Department just lose $6B? –  I’m sure the EPA wanted the cattle so they could collect flatulence data and blame the cows for predetermined global warming studies, which is odd because leftist and UN lover Ted Turner owns steak houses – just my ramblings). There are a lot of good stories on this poor guy who the gov’t is trying to rape anally, without lube I might add, but this really all shows is that we the people are just gov’t chattel. I say best of luck to you and the rest of the Bundy family, but since the DNC is in charge, it looks like they want some blood spilled like they did in Waco, TX, and at Ruby Ridge. Infowars.com and many other outlets, also has some good follow up stories as this might be all for an endangered tortoise according to DC, which they only now care about. Apparently the BLM is killing cattle (where is PETA now to protect the cattle and where were they when the tortoise was being killed?) Wait…this is Clark County, home of the great Teflon Don of the Senate, Harry Reid.

Harry Reid has backed himself into a small corner but I’m sure he’ll find his way out. According to Politico and www.newsmax.com his family favors have only scratched the surface of money misgivings. There is more out there which neither the DOJ nor the IRS will ever look at, but isn’t it ironic the BLM is torturing a cattle rancher in Harry’s home county while his name is in the headlines for family money favors. Perhaps Harry called in a needed favor to the BLM to have the headlines changed in the Las Vegas Sun or the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Damn I’m getting tired as the Leftist/Socialists/Progressives/Jacobins/Communists/Nazis/DNC/College Students and Teachers – (they have so many names that mean the same thing) have been on the move this week. I wanted to do something different and end this post on some good news for a change.

There appears to be some feathers being rattles in the UN/Global Warming/Big Gov’t/Big Business scare. James Lovelock has stabbed Al Gore in the back so can we expect him to jump of a building soon? There are more than he out there so check out these sites if you get a chance:



(PS – neither site is funded by stolen taxpayer monies so studies can be conjured up with predetermined outcomes for political gain (aka Lysenkoism – formerly a Russian term but now strictly an American and EU form of propaganda)

I’ll save the best for last, the brave female black warrior; Ayaan Hirsi Ali will not be getting her ‘Honorary’ degree from Brandeis University.  I’m wondering if it is because she is Black, from Africa, a Woman, or a combination of the above. The real reason is because she is not PC and speaks against the leftist cause of Islam. She is an apostate from the religion of totalitarianism and neither Islam nor the DNC leftists will give her a platform to spread her experiences. This is only one reason why Northeast leftist universities are a complete joke. Other reasons include secret society members, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton (via the UK sister indoctrination centers), B.H. Obama, and G.H. Bush. There are plenty of others in Congress and Presidents before them but they (Universities) and their graduates will spell the demise for our once great civil society.

2016 – Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton: Either way the American public/people/proletariat class doesn’t stand a chance. The game is rigged and the sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be!

The Kansas Kracker