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Lysenkoism: I found this word buried in the comments of some article and fell in love with it. This word is the hallmark of any gov’t or global bureaucratic study, which by nature has a predetermined outcome by the ‘scientists’ who are paid with stolen or funds created out of thin air by their overlords. To me Marxism is fascinating not for the horrors created by her apostles but by the lengths they’ll go to justify their genocides. (When I say genocide this is code for those the leftists find to be undesirable – the Jews, Babies, Blacks, Africans, Black babies, Asians, Brown People, the Irish and The who could leave out Planned Parenthood and the Unborn – Basically anybody Margaret Sanger and the DNC despised or couldn’t control). You also might be surprised that Hitler read her work and agreed with it, along with Henry Ford – a known anti-Semitic.

The Kansas Kracker