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Today Uncle Sam cashed my Federal contribution to Plantation USA to buy more democrat votes for the next election. It isn’t like it couldn’t have just printed the money to buy the votes but it wants me and others to suffer. By the time I post this it will be after slave day (April 15th) but the Leviathan has bigger issues. It has to bring in as many people as possible who break the law so it can afford to spend false or fictionous  money to try and prosecute those who actually make a living (Clive Bundy). I know oil field workers and farmers and the nonunionized manufacturing sector are productive to our GDP but are politicians and bureaucrats? Most economists will say that politicians are the most important for the GDP but they are biased because they want free gov’t $$$ as the whores in DC and the EU just reallocated ‘wealth’ whatever that means today.

In my last post I gave Dirty Harry Reid some grief but it turned out I was right but for all the wrong reasons. It turns out the BLM, Feds, and Dirty Harry and his family are going after Mr. Bundy so they can give the Chinese some stolen land (for a worthless solar facility backed with stolen tax payer funds to buy off Democrat political donors, like Solyndra).  The land for the debt (benevolent Uncle Sam) ran up using the proletariats name in DC but their Senate snake oil salesmen can get a piece of the pie before the house of cards falls and that is where Harry Reid comes in. I’m sure the Reid family will profit accordingly for all their hard work to complete this transaction and it will be noted in the UN’s Agenda 21 favor handbook and their house near the Great Wall will have the appropriate Italian marble installed in their 7th bathroom.

Then again the BLM left the Bundy Ranch, because www.Infowars.com found out about Harry Reid’s involvement of stealing land via the BLM and the US Gov’t agency allies to enrich his globalist allies so he (Harry Reid) said, this isn’t over”. He probably went on to say, ” you can’t break the law and not be punished.” but I’m not sure this quote was cut short as it should include, “unless you serve the people in DC.” I doubt that Eric Holder will pursue an investigation but perhaps one day he and Harry will share a cell for their crimes against humanity.

To stay on topic I’m going to link Charles Krauthammer’s thoughts on leftist totalitarian thoughts and their hypocritical views on society.

Education is an extension of Progressive Totalitarianism and a hallmark of Marxism but minority Seirra Olivero defied the stereotypes and fought back against the Leviathan. I  always love when a minority and a true immigrant patriot fights against the WASP Democrat establishment. Good luck getting into the Progressive Ivy League schools who will be happy to deny you entry for fighting the status quo and the Leviathan and reducing their ‘diversity’ initiatives which means anyone who doesn’t support groupthink concepts. Don’t worry you’ll go much farther if you go the community college route and forgo the whores and thieves of the Ivy League Grads, whose alumni include the Bushes and Obama (Kennedy and Clintons and many other whores in DC who swear alliance to their brothers and sisters and not the State they claim to serve). If I can offer Seirra Olivero any advice do not vote in the federal elections and if you do vote, do so for the independent and in State elections always vote against any tax increases. Then again that is advice for anyone as the Federal Elections are rigged. I always find it if funny when Jimmy goes abroad to ‘certify’ an election but no one looks at the criminal activities in their own backyard. Common Core belongs in the depths of a black hole and I can’t wait for the people, especially the poor slave students to rise up against their self appointed masters.

On this Federal Freedom day, April 15th, I have a two more examples of the bureaucratic slavery we are all chained to.

Ron Paul has been sodomized by Lois Lerner’s IRS (A Democrat Whore). I wonder if those organizations tied to Progressive George Soros experience the same NAZI audits. The answer is NO as if you aren’t a friend of the current Gestapo organization then you are the enemy and you should be proud to hold that title.

On this sacred day of when the gov’t steals our labor I couldn’t believe I read this about eminent domain, on the whores of DC website, www.cnbc.com. This website and MSNBC and NBC are the biggest cheerleaders of the Leviathan and the communist takeover of our country. I guess the average proletariat would be surprised how Wall Street and DC funded Communism and Fascism to try and reduce labor costs and to pick a winner just like they do with education (schools) and have since the early 1900s. The average person would be shocked how the US gov’t is connected to the UK, USSR, China, and the NAZIs (the beginnings of the EU) to screw us all over and has been for over 100 years. The WEB of deceit is immense and wars and taxes serve only to enrich a few connected individuals (hint: their allies and family members are those who are always on the false ballot) and that is why Hillary and Jeb will be our only two choices in 2016 , the powers that be have already selected their choices. Don’t worry, this has been the case since the 1960’s as elections are a complete farce.

The Kansas Kracker