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In this season of rebirth, Al Gore hasn’t wasted a minute to criticize everyone but the protected political elites of harming his Goddess, Gaia. Al was hot and heavy in Honolulu (I guess he swam there) and he used several big word, such as “Immoral, Unethical and Despicable” (hat tip weasel zippers). For a second when I read the headlines I thought he was talking about Harry Reid.

Speaking of Harry Reid, he called Cliven Bundy supporters domestic terrorists, which kind of reminds me of the Nazis after they started the Reichstag fire and blamed their enemies. I guess the gov’t is trying to poke the rattle snake (Gadsen Flag) but ironically it is a treasonous Democrat politicians (but I repeat myself) who fails to look into the mirror as he conspires to steal land via Federal Fiat and then get kickbacks from the Chinese. I doubt I’m the only one who sees the irony of the government bullying tactics as here is a story of the BLM harassing the Wayne Hage Family in Nevada in a criminal manner where a judge ruled against the federal government and even wanted the DOJ to investigate and press charges against the BLM and Forest Service, but surprisingly it went down the black hole of tyrants protecting tyrants (also known as bureaucratic cronyism).

In Lincoln, Nebraska, they are testing the waters of just how far the government school officials can go to as they teach the little ones to just tolerate the bullying. The ultimate bully on the block, always the government leviathan the world over, is trying to indoctrinate the youth that it is fruitless for the proletariat slave to fight back against his/her self-appointed slave masters so resistance is futile. In other words, just get used to the beatings as they will continue until moral improves.

Now Nancy Pelosi, the Money Whore Witch of the West, has confirmed what I’ve thought for some time, the State is now officially a Church, as she proves that politicians look upon themselves as the clergy of the Church of the State. I’ll hold my breath until I hear something from the ACLU or the nefarious Southern Poverty Law Center (what an Orwellian name) claiming the State is now a hate group.

Here is an interesting story by Todd Starnes at www.foxnews.com about how a ‘news’ outlet didn’t run a paid Easter ad for a church, but they eventually rescinded. Now the interesting part is the company, Capital New York, sent an email to the church which said, “Capital is implementing a new policy company-wide that we won’t be running any religious-affiliated campaigns moving forward.” I’m fine with the company doing this but aren’t they rightfully picking who they choose to do business with, such as say a photographer or a baker who doesn’t want to supply services to a gay wedding because if violates their morals? Leftist hypocrisy at its best!!! To reiterate my point of leftist hypocrisy, Cleveland Cabbies refuse to drive cabs with Gay Games ads, but I don’t hear the outcry of intolerance targeted at the Muslim community by academia, the media, hypocritical politicians (but I repeat myself) and others who man the leftist bully pulpits. I guess our enlightened brothers in peace, the Muslims, just get a free pass once again.


The EPA wants jurisdiction over gravity (i.e., the direction water flows). Let me see, if I get drunk and pee in my backyard the EPA will classify it as a stream and take my home. I wouldn’t doubt it.

In Portland, Oregon, the lunacy has already began as they will drain a reservoir simply for a man peeing in millions of gallons of water. What, no fauna, fish, or fowl has every pissed or defecated in this pristine toilet bowl? At least the EPA won’t have to spend too much money finding a few good qualified bureaucrats to lead this country further into the sewers of Progressive intellectualism.

Jennifer Burke, at www.tpnn.com, writes about how Lois Lerner was in contact with other government bullies at the DOJ and FEC to get in on the tea party piñata beat down.

This Easter, please remember He (Jesus, the Palestinian Immigrant) has Risen and He died for our sins.

The Kansas Kracker