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If I was a consumer of good satire and smartass comments I’d read Fred on Everything and sign up for his excellent emails. This guy hits the nail on the head every time. A good Northeast white leftist would label him a racists, because they’d ignore the fact he married a Latina/Mexican women and not one of their own, and all of their leftist Northeast white friends would agree. In today’s society at a NE liberal college, where they all wear white on their exclusive tennis courts, it would be a conversation by leftist groupthink enlightened individuals, who are destined and feel entitled to be Congress People, call a bunch of Midwestern citizens they’ve never met redneck racists hicks for throwing parties only because the family medium income of those in attendance is less than $40K, yet all continents of the Earth outside of Antarctica are represented.  In the Ivy League/DC world this thought of inclusion of the proletariat or common person is called diversity but in the rest of America and the world this is called real life.



The Kansas Kracker