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Speaking of bureaucratic entitlements of the political elitists, the French spin doctor Aquilino Morelle is on par with Jay Carney and the rest of the leftist WH officials who all pity the poor and live like kings off of the taxpayer’s stolen funds. I love how the left wing loons decry and deride the rich and then live like the ones they envy but instead of earning it from a service to the public they just steal from the taxpayers at the point of the Leviathan’s gun (which is an inanimate object and a 2nd amendment right they decry every day). Of course this is just par for the course from the left as the Progressive French officials, like their US counterparts, and government officials everywhere, live by the elitist credo…’do as I say and not as I do.’

Harry Reid can’t stay out of the news as he calls those who stuck up for Clive Bundy, ‘domestic terrorists’ (but what does he say about Bill Ayers?). I just got done watching the most recent Red Dawn movie and they called those teenagers who fought against the invaders (kind of like the BLM stooges or Feds), terrorists. I guess in a way they are terrorists like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Hancock, Paul Revere and many others were to King George’s (Harry Reid, many in Congress and the WH in this case) crown. They got in the way of the political corruption and the money train so they had to be stopped, unless all the peasants decided to rise up against all the corruption and lies. Ironically, there are many common parallels from the founding of this nation to our modern times. Harry Reid even continued to throw gas on the fire when he said, “something will happen” to Clive Bundy as he used his position in Congress, like so many do, to blatantly threaten an American citizen. I won’t hold my breath that Eric Holder will press charges but the State of Nevada should.

Speaking of holding ones breath, a brave AP reporter, Matthew Lee, dared to question the accomplishments of the Great Hillary Clinton while she ‘lead’ the Ivy League staffed Communist State Department which they couldn’t answer and his response to their bumbling was, “I won’t hold my breath.”

The United States of SWAT by John Fund at http://www.nationalreview.com is a must read and just shows how the thousands of bureaucracies are out of control.

I saw this article at www.dailymail.uk.co about how common core is influenced by large corporations with the help of their enablers in Congress (i.e., the politicians they own) to influence the sheep (students) of America to be mindless brand consumers of worthless items thanks to modern day testing, kind of like most college degrees today. If you aren’t afraid to read about the real history of education and how its purpose is to manipulate the masses, then go to http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/ and purchase Weapons of Mass Instruction, The Underground History of American Education (my favorite or favourite if from the UK), Dumbing Us Down, and A Different Kind of Teacher. These will change your life and your children’s lives and only for the better. John Dewey like Saul Alinsky are proud of how screwed up our schools are how bad our government is in everything they do. Communism is alive and well and it serves only to enrich the protected political class whose members include the Clintons and the Bushes (and the Obamas and most of Congress) and regimented schooling is at the heart of creating mindless dumbed down individuals who are predictable. The www.dailycaller.com also has an article on why are cops punishing critics of common core. God love the teachers and cops but they have been ‘created’ in their current state, influenced, indoctrinated by regimented schooling to not think but only follow orders and one of those tools of control is their promised pensions. Ironically, they haven’t realized like most of America that those funds are long gone, just like Social Insecurity, as those funds were used to purchase votes in the last election and the many theatrical democratic performances before. But like them (The BLM and all the other alphabet agencies included), the proletariat class is held in check by the Ponzi schemes of promised retirement benefits like Medicare and Social Security but the day you realize you are a bureaucraticslave to the Leviathan, that is the day you truly become free!

Obama, (Barry Soetoro or one of your other aliases – I hate we share the same first name, as mine is after Goldwater and his not so much) for once do the right thing and listen for once to the people and deport Justin Beiber. We (the citizens) all realize like most of the DC corruption machine that you are all puppets to your money masters, but unlike Obamacare this can be your lasting legacy and may propel you above Carter as the 2nd worst president ever. I’d throw Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Teddy on that list too but that argument is for another day.

My final thought of the day is that the whole Ukraine crisis is all theatre. The gift of the Crimea to the Russia was done long ago behind closed doors to make amends for the theft of the oligarch’s funds in the Cyprus bank takeovers by the EU. Ukraine today is the Poland of 1939 and the EU and Russia both got what they want. Hell, if George Soros is involved you know something crooked is a foot and in this case both the Fascist parties of the East and West walk away winners while the poor souls in Ukraine got devoured.  (For my esteemed college readers the Nazis and Communists are siblings of the same sick Statist Socialist religion we today call modern day governments).

The Inmate are Running the Asylum:

The IRS and other agencies want license plate data. The IRS gives ‘free’ money to illegals who steal SS#’s that the DOJ won’t investigate (I wonder where the kickbacks go – perhaps the DNC, the FBI and DHS let terrorists cross the borders and the alphabet agencies seem to only exist to protect the political class. (How about we abolish borders – it is an outdated concept in todays global era of progressive cooperation but at the same time lets abolish all governments, as I think that would be a fair trade. Once we get rid of all borders and all governments and her politically corrupt agencies then watch global prosperity rise before our very eyes – plus it would be fun to watch all the former hall of power turn into ghettos).

Media Matters doesn’t want to unionize? George Soros and the Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites. Take note you union members that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Then again the DNC battle flag is, “Do as I say and not as I do.” If the left lived up to their ‘Do as I say” credentials then Chelsea Clinton would have an abortion live on TV to empower women of all colors to raise funds for the DNC, Planned Parenthood and the Clinton Foundation. (On a side note – I hate murdering innocent people so I don’t want her to abort her child nor do I support the legion of black, white, Asian, Latino, etc women who the DNC say they support but then kill off before they can become great). If the left really practiced what they preached then the Obamas, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Maos, the Hitlers, the Lenins, the Marxs, the Pol Pots and other government supported mass murders could never have put into practice what they preach, but then again they all live under the battle flag of, ‘Do as I say and not as I do’). Apparently they didn’t think this through, as if I was in charge of these monsters then I would want the children to be born in mass so they could assign them a number before killing them and throwing them into a mass grave so in their years of 18-100 they could magically vote, but then again that is why we have an open border policy as everyone can be replaced.

Chicago, the home base of a long string of lying, disgusting, and Satanic politicians in the USA, is cooking the books to reduce crime statistics and it is a good thing guns are banned. Even Russia Today (RT) reported on 9 killed and 32 injured over the Easter weekend where Rahm Emanuel, a DNC stalwart and sycophant is now the Mayor and the city is the home base of the Great Obama and his domestic terrorist friend Bill Ayers (don’t tell Harry Reid).

Good Night America,

The Kansas Kracker