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I got this from the http://TeaPartyEconomist.com or the Tea Party Economist, also better known as Gary North. You’d be amazed about how much a kid or an adult can learn from the web outside of the Federal Government certified influence and how quickly the children and parents can learn from practical application videos and retain this valuable information. Are public schools dying, yes because the masses want their children to learn and to actually be productive and no one trusts the Leviathan. You can’t trust todays John Dewy and Horace Mann (by the way these two were very bad men – read up on them before approving of their ill begotten Statist techniques) gov’t curriculum certified automatons, just like you can’t trust the rest of their supposed promises, so for lessons on economics look up Gary North and how he has collaborated with Ron Paul to bring the Austrian viewpoint to the masses. There is a lot more out there as students today can get free lessons and books all over the web from actual professionals and not just certified gov’t propaganda apologists. You can also buy books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble to do what society has done for a thousand year and that is educate yourselves.

Video: This Dad’s Home Video Trumps Common Core Education