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George Will has a great article in WAPO that shows how the IRS seizes innocent people’s assets. Are you are I next? Does Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi have to worry? I doubt it as the IRS only targets innocent American civilians and not their masters in Congress. Do you as an American feel free? I don’t and neither should you. The USA and her subjects should stop blowing BS to the masses throughout the world about the supposed freedoms in America as it an utter illusion for taxpayer paid historians to write about to further enslave the masses. Wake up America and please college students realize you have been played for fools as you may be our only hope as the DNC and the RNC belong to the same political cartel.

God help us all!

Don’t ever question your masters as a 2nd grader gets handcuffed by the ‘authorities’ for the undefined crime of misbehaving.

A black/African American health official with the Pasadena health department has been suspended for a homophobic sermon. What is the DNC going to do as a black man spoke out against gays? Are they going to punish black florist and bakers for not selling services to homosexuals or is that only applicable to white businesses? Will they punish Muslim businesses who don’t look favorable upon homosexual marriages or will they only target certain Caucasian enterprises and the Christian and Jewish religions for their beliefs? I would hate to see the State, the DNC and the Gays only target certain races and religious institutions to prove their bigoted positions as they try to prove how much they love those they take advantage of to win the next election.

The great false Progressive DNC project called the Peace Corp which is supposed to help the poor is just another program of abuse. Most of these people have bright futures in DC and perhaps with the State Department as they can cover up anything.

After the Boston Bruins lost their game 1, the hashtag world erupted with racist tweets. Say it ain’t so Boston, those worldly white Ivy League Progressives and their Communist union subjects (aka Democrat voters) projecting their hate throughout the world since Woodrow Wilson was election president. Not much has changed as the DNC continues to exploit minorities for their own political gain since they used the KKK after the Civil War as a tool to harass Republicans and blacks. They used to be (Republican and Blacks) one and the same until they (the DNC) made blacks cower in fear and created ghettos and welfare centers in all the major cities to control the elections. It is too bad the corrupt educational system no longer teaches the truth.

The Kansas Kracker