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OK, I’ve changed my headline from the topic of the week to NUTS but now I’m going with You Can’t Believe This Shit. One, Shit is a bad word so kids will latch onto it and hopefully learn something the gov’t certified teachers aren’t telling them. 2nd, it is an acronym for Ship High In Transit so the damn ship doesn’t blow up from methane fumes which is metaphoric for Our American Republic.

Virginia is now into creating false Socialistic paradises through politics and therefore hates free speech so they now want to pass a law to limit the number who can gather in defiance of the 1st amendment. Those damn meddling Bureaucrats who hate freedom for their subjects.

Schools seek to change their lunches to healthier standards for their subjects who they’ve been instructed to standardize. Only gov’t bureaucrats could make a bad lunch program infinitely worse and then continue to pile on the bullshit for what? Just so we all have to swallow another shit sandwich for Moochelle and our DC plantation masters?

I always love how the white Socialist leftist claim to love women and blacks yet somehow through the media/government influence these two groups, who for some reason are always shit on yet vote Demoncrat, but I can never figure out why. Case in point, Condoleezza Rice, an accomplished black women, was going to give the commencement speech at Rutgers University in NJ, a bastion of NE white elitist socialism but yet they through a stink and she graciously walked away. If only a bunch of NE privileged white democrat voters could influence a young black women to save a child our world would be a better place. But since Condoleezza is both black and a women and as far as I know hasn’t had an abortion, the DNC and her allies in the worthless universities hate her. I understand www.DemocracyNow.org doesn’t want a war criminal as a commencement speaker but the socialist and communists have declared war on the living and the unborn so I’m surprised they don’t give her an endorsement for going green, after all, the left hates life itself, they just never have the courage to off themselves to prove their point. I’d actually give these organizations some credit if say Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, the EU, State Department, EPA and the UN bureaucrats all took their dirt naps to prove that if humans died the planet would cool and I’d volunteer to give their offspring the white paper to prove so in 50 years and shed a single tear to acknowledge my ineptitude, but I won’t hold my breath when they hop on their next taxpayer extorted funded expedition to Bali to discuss the world’s next tragedy. To condense my doctorial thesis the left hates successful blacks and women and continues to put them down. That is why the White House pays women less money.

Steve Hayes at Real Clear Politics has it right, Idiots are in charge. So people why do we borrow money from the lying thieving Feds to send our children to be indocirinated and be in hoc the rest of their lives? One could almost rationalize this is a grand conspiracy…

Climate change is a naturally occurring joke and only serves to enslave the masses by their supposed gov’t masters.   I have to admit that the gov’t/academia/bureaucrats Bermuda triangle of death hit a home run with this scare. They figured their jobs and lives were in immediate jeopardy so they needed to create a global scare to combat the sun’s natural activity. They realized they have no control and once the Internet, and therefore the people figured out the scam, like social insecurity, there went their cushy jobs and promised benefits. That my few followers is the whole purpose of these scams, to keep the self appointed ruling class in control. That is why we have wars and global decrees. Not to improve peoples lot in life but to give it over to the Ivy League and Oxford/Cambridge crowd to work their devilish deeds.

Speaking of the Devil, Harvard University is inviting the Lord of Darkness into their administration, not like he/she (I want to be PC) isn’t already there. The Devil has long existed but now they at this poison Ivy League institution is saying they are calling it off but I doubt their claims. The left seems to hate religion but that is only for Christians, Jews, Hindus and such, as Islam and the death cults are all the rage these days. All I know is I don’t trust a single person who graduated from the Poison Ivy League Institutions and I never will. I don’t trust the Bushes, Al Gore, The Clinton’s via Oxford, Ted Cruz, or any other gov’t politician who went there.  I even have to say I like what Ted Cruz is saying but again he went to a Poison Ivy League school and I’m not convinced. As far as I know he is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Actually I’m sure the Black Mass hasn’t been cancelled, as it has been going on there for a long time and those who participate get gifted positions in gov’t…John Kerry and others.

Considering I hate the Poison Ivy League assholes, not out of jealousy but because of elitist nepotism, but it is part of the fake gov’t and election theatre we all have to endure. Who I really hate is Charlie Christ who is a rat (like Al Sharpton) and so should those snakes he swims with. This man will shift parties at the drop of the hat just so he can try and continue to live the in the corruption that is American politics. He says he left the GOP over racism but where was he when the Black, Military veteran Allen West was running again for Congress against Patrick Murphy and only lost by 2500 votes. I bet Allen West lost like Al Franken won Minnesota. Charlie, where were you sticking up for the minority race? You weren’t because you hate minorities and like all democrats only want to control them, after all the KKK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC like La Raza, and unfortunately the NAACP, which forgot their roots thanks to CBS, ABC and NBC and of course the wholly owned universities across this once formally great land.  

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum:

The EPA watches porn and you and I suffer.

FEC chair threatens conservatives but leaves their bureaucratic DNC media allies alone. Orwell was correct in Animal Farm and 1984 but one thing this Kansas Kracker has going for him is that he is a minority, white, libertarian/conservative so I should be protected by my government and have no fear of a FEMA camp.

If you want the truth on the climate, believe Climate Depot and not the Gov’t and her taxpayer funded lackeys in the EPA, State Department, BLM, UN, etc.

What our ‘gov’t trained law enforcement has become’ something the federal (not state) gov’t can exploit. This is just a group of people who now ‘police for profit’ who have been ‘trained’ to believe the average citizen is their enemy. The same is happening to our military who have been conditioned to believe that the enemy is not AQ but their fellow citizens and if they want to collect their ‘fake’ dollar pensions they better obey their orders. If they want to see who the true criminals are they should look inward and see the CIA, FBI and DEA and their Congressional masters. State Law Enforcement personnel should protect the average citizen from their government and not vice versa as those they arrest are those usually who operate outside of the boundaries of the government protected cartels. Why do you think Eric Holder isn’t prosecuted, he is doing what his masters told him to do and protect the lucrative drug trade for the CIA and those poison Ivy League Staffers (Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc.) who man the reigns of ‘power’.

Of Course John Boehner won’t prosecute Lois Lerner as it may disrupt the charade of DC politics. John is in the House position because the NSA has the goods on him so he is doing what he is told to do. He has a fake orange tan so he must have done something for the NSA blackmail group to control him. Worthless piece of shit like the rest of our alleged congress folks. All of them are corrupt and are worthy of the guillotine. To follow the Jacobin logic all are guilty so a few innocent heads are only par for the course and they should all agree and if they don’t they are guilty none the less. Damn, for 10 minutes until all the heads roll I’m going to be a Jacobin Socialist before the time is reset to 1789, I guess I can live with my own hypocrisy.

Wisconsin Democrat challenging Scott Walker hasn’t paid State Income taxes for 3 decades. I’m not shocked as Democrats, more than anyone else always never live by the rules they impose on the proletariat class. It is the ‘Do as I say not as I do’ mentality and that is why I hate them.

Clay Aiken is free to run do to a death of his challenger so there is no recount. Didn’t Bill Mayer say something about the gay Mafia? I guess it really exists. Clay will get a free pass just like the Al Franken’s unaccounted recount in Minnesota. You can’t question the lies if you want to be a good citizen in the modern day socialist government of the USA. Who would have thought Democrat Bill Mayer spoke truth to power, but that is why Michael Sams and ESPN/ABC was pushing their political agenda (funded by the DNC and there fake dollars) and her subsidized political ally ABC as he (Michael Sams) almost made Mr. Irrelevant, this was obviously an engineered coup d’état (see Zimmerman telegram below) by ESPN/ABC/ and the St. Louis Rams. I want to see Scarlett Johansson make out with a guy but she is Jewish so that would be inappropriate so where are you ABC?

Finally, the IRS spends roughly 96MM on  worthless furniture so they can complain they can’t serve the public so they need more $$$.  Ironically this organization doesn’t serve the public, they enslave them and no state or person can prove this amendment was actually passed in its original wording. Ironically, not three years later we (the USA) was at war on a global scale because of the alleged Zimmerman telegram. Conspiracies still abound that we are owned by the Crown and I wonder why as the worthless Harvard grad, a media contrived alleged conservative GW Bush got us into a war over yellow cake uranium but another worthless Princeton grad in Woodrow Wilson (D) got us into a contrived world war over what? Don’t expect your worthless Democrat history professor to point out the irony.

The Kansas Kracker