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According to www.foxnews.com, a whistle blower for a $1.2B Obamacare contractor (Serco – a UK company) pays employees to do nothing because no one is signing up. On a side note didn’t the Brits own Kenya at one time??? Perhaps their groomed boy is doing their bidding, after all he went to Harvard, a subsidiary of Oxford and Cambridge.

The pains of doing the right thing and being a gov’t whistleblower, this time with the VA. Basically the biggest bullying on the block, the federal gov’t (who has PSAs dealing with bullying, which is as ironic as a snowball surviving in Hell) sets up a whistleblower hotline not to change things but to find the rats who tell the public about their illicit schemes against the taxing paying public. The lesson is don’t be a whistleblower and go tell a teacher, but just fight back against the bully, he probably has a small penis and recruit your friends, governments everywhere hates their enemies and they are the people they enslave, just ask North Korea (soon you can replace Korea with America) . The ironic thing is this man’s name is Jose Mathews so I’d assume a Hispanic American and American citizen unlike the undocumented worker in the WH.

I had to throw that in as it was a good lead for the this article at the www.washingtontimes.com about the DHS (ha ha ha) releasing drunk drivers, murders and sex crime convicts, all whose names were collected who I’m sure will vote in strategic states in 2014 and 2016 and beyond. The Orwellian named Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is more concerned about frustrated Americans (potential domestic terrorists) who are taxed to the hilt to pay for new workers who aren’t held to the same laws. And after all my schooling I thought justice was supposed to be blind but Eric Holder proved me and all those gov’t  certified lemming teachers wrong. On the bright side at least the criminals will provide some competition to our native criminal class, Congress.

Speaking of Federal Bureaucrats and their bureaucratic castles, our nations capital is hard at work screwing over their subjects, especially the minorities they claim to love every election cycle, as 83% aren’t proficient in reading. Currently, our nations capital can’t properly educate their chattel DNC subjects but this Progressive phenomenon actually impacts every school district coast to coast and is done on purpose and by design. That is correct my fellow Americans, the gov’t hates you, distrusts you and tries to steal as much of your labor and assets as possible, while indoctrinating you along the way. Something is wrong here in America and it smells like Rome and will end just the same unless things change.

Speaking of gov’t indoctrination centers, I mean schools, it took a Nevada father $10K plus to see his kids permanent files. The fact that schools and the gov’t keep permanent files is very eerie to circa 1930’s Germany and Cold War Soviet Russia but that is where the USA is today. We are less free everyday and have media who support the false promises of our criminal cartel gov’t everyday. If you’d ever care to read history, it is unbelievable how America politicians and certain companies supported Lenin, Hitler, Mao and the worst of all we spread the chemical weapon called John Dewey to Germany, Russia and China and all those Progressive Marxists continue to feed off the blood of the innocent. The Web of Deception is larger than anyone wants or cares to know and our gov’t and her officials have been connected to every regime of death in one way or another. We in America were spared in the last century during their social experiments but I’m afraid not so much in this one.

Speaking of our enlightened Ivy League Luciferian Bureaucratic Masters, they used donated funds to fund their own indulgences. Shocked I am but I’m really surprised the DHS hasn’t investigated as they didn’t get their share.

Speaking of Lucifer and the Dark Lord of our esteemed Ivy League Masters, Warren Buffet only had to shell out a cool $1.2B to the abortion industry for the gov’t support for his corporate investments. I spoke of how certain American parties supported Mao, and I believe George H. Bush went to China with the help of Nixon to open it up, well this is one of those connections to evil. Yes, the Bushes like all Washingtonians are elitists first and American proletariats far down the road. This is why I won’t vote in 2016 when it is Jeb vs. Hillary as Federal elections are a fraud and have been for some time.

Where is Obama (hashtag #Sudanese Women Doctor) and his administration when the “Religion of Peace” (#religionofpeace) want to kill a women doctor, Meriam Ibrahim, for daring to marry a Christian man? I guess when the Reverend Wright is your alleged religious counselor to the Lord he might try and steer you out of the Chicago gay bathhouses for the benefit of the leftist Progressive DNC for monetary gains to create an Ivy League groomed puppet who so happens to be a gay black man to pass the ultimate control of the people via Obamacare.  When I wake up one day and I’m actually free and not a slave to my bureaucratic masters, it will be the glorious day I meet my maker.

The Inmates are Running the Asylum:

Carl Levin (Democrat Michigan) urged and supported the IRS to target the Tea Party. Apparently this is legal as justice is again blind in America where the proletariat is targeted but the Congressional Criminals (see Mark Twain quotes) aren’t. It also helps to be a lying Democrat (but I repeat myself).

In Pittsburgh, PA, the USPS (postal service) has lived up to the bureaucratic government reputation of stupidity and inefficiency, as mail was thrown away, like the gov’t treats life. A fitting metaphor. It relates to how the government treats our veterans, just ask Henry Kissinger according to Bob Woodward, who he called military men and women dumb, stupid animals who should be used as pawns of foreign policy, just like they are today under the false banner of patriotism. Whether he said it or not that is how all governments and Poison Ivy League politicians treats those who serve, they shit on them for political gain when the winds change. Kissinger, like Zbigniew Brzezinski (I hate to quote from a Michael Moore’s website but he is right and it notes he went from Jimmy Carty to George H. Bush) but a technocracy allows the bureaucracy to control all people and that is why the Republicans and Democrats are the same evil animal. They hate the common people and only want control us for their own personal gain (take a hint John Boehner you one of many sellouts in Congress – see Mark Twain quote above). The greatest form of dissent is not to vote as the whole game is rigged. (This post took a weird path but the links are worth the read…aka we are all fucked. Learn another language, marry a foreigner and have a way out and that is the Kansas Kracker’s advice – also be liquid and rent and sell all assets that aren’t portable). The Luciferian Mafia is in political control ‘allegedly’ but the people can fight the dark forces with the light. Don’t give up America.

When you don’t go along with government groupthink, they will force you out. Their is no compassion in leftism Progressive thought so just conform.  This is also an easy way to spot stupidity and that is why universities have become worthless and they only have themselves and peers to blame.

The rumor is that the CIA, FBI, and the American Gov’t is responsible for the conflict in the Ukraine. Why did Joe’s son get a cushy job at a gas company if the DNC ally Soros supplied the funds to spark the unrest in the Ukraine? I don’t trust any alphabet soup agency especially the CIA which is currently staffed by Poison Ivy League Grads who have always supported England since the conflict of 1861-1865 and since the CIA was formed. Those damn drug runners and isn’t Obama an England creation via Kenya??? I also know that England and also their USA subsidiaries who both have long supported Communism enterprises not for the people but for the Crown’s banking profit to control countries, land and their people. After all, didn’t Chase support Lenin but who controlled Chase at the time, but that is always the question. Like I said earlier in this post the ‘CIA’ George H. Bush went to visit Mao to open up the Pacific via the Quaker Nixon . GH Bush never cared about the murder of the unborn because it was all by design, but of course the Bushes aren’t Christian, nor was Nixon a Quaker or is Harry Reid a Mormon. Think about it only briefly and then you’ll realize how bad we’ve all been deceived, not just by the government but also by their media allies.

To leave you all on a Happy Note, a true fighter is Geert Wilders who is trying to fight the Brussels Monster which is just as bad as the DC monster. It is nothing but a bunch of privileged children who live off their parents who pretend to be patriots and steal taxpayers money to support a global enterprise via legislation to steer government funds to their own enterprises which were created by their (grand)parents while they were in office. Gov’t today everywhere is the new mafia, whether it be North American, South America, Russia, Asia or Europe.

Goodnight America and to the World,

The Kansas Kracker