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So we have Lois Lerner and the IRS lying about their emails, which every American knows is BS. Iraq is being over run by ISIS so they can then take over Basher in Syria. I guess the whole of Libya exploded on our communist State Department and Goldman Sachs orders (didn’t Killery (HRK) speak several times for a large fee in front of GS – please research NY Times and Washing Post – a Buffet subsidiary and actually report honestly) and their gun running to Syria so today we have ISIS who was trained by the Obama lackeys to collect on stolen funds we put in Mosel when Bush invaded Iraq (Bush and Obama are just CIA/Poison IVY league whores) but yet Egypt won’t give in. God Bless you Egypt and keep up the good work Langley doesn’t want you to do to enrich the protected Poison Ivy League Whores.

Speaking of Poison Ivy League Whore,s I have a long list of gov’t certified teachers, coaches and administration staff who voted Democrat who also decided to sleep with their with students (NASTLA (I’m trademarking this TM)) North American Student Teacher Love Association which I’ll post in the coming weeks. I’m just lazy and was hoping for the summer off, but they keep coming.

Where is America Now? We will crumble under the lies of the Congress and their ever ending support of the Obama administration. Our country today is built upon lie after lie. Our ‘elected’ officials are selected and not elected and the common person as paid the price. College kids are dumb enough to believe the lies of the government and still put themselves in hoc for their loans. They still believe in the false promises of the Ponzi schemes instituted by FDR (D) Social Insecurity and Medicare/Medicaid and hope that open borders will bring in cheap labor to replace their sorry asses, without realizes large global corporations control both Congress and Colleges. But then again the Devilish Democrats have owned the death of cities and our country but can whitewash it because they’ve owned education since the Dewey and Mann.  The children of our once country deserve better.

When I find some time expect more to follow, especially the whore gov’t certified teachers who sleep with the kids. After all, Killery is now saying she was against the video so she can run against Jeb. America is so great that we see Hillary vs. Jeb a set up from the beginning. Our Country was once great and it should be again, but it won’t be if Hillary or Jeb is elected president to continue the CIA/Poison Ivy League  charade that has been America for the last 20+ years.

The Kansas Kracker