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To my millions (?) of loyal readers I apologize for the lack of posts as life got in the way. I so far haven’t been arrested by FEMA but I’m sure that time will come.

Just to start off no one believes that a hard drive stores emails except the lying IRS and Lois Lerner. This isn’t the 1980’s. The emails exist and always will but only the lying assholes in Congress and the Media will continue with the charade. Washington will continue their push for NWO so they can pass the buck from the current criminal class to the Global criminal class. Not that anyone will obey their decrees, which is a good start. I guess when Paul Ryan doesn’t want to give illegals free gov’t faux $$$ and wants a shot at the presidency to out do Obama on criminal acts he acts tough. It is now time to pass bill HR25 (FairTax) and be done with the corrupt IRS once and for all, as if you want to live as a free people it is the only solution, the Obama administration has proven it once and for all. Perhaps he does have one redeeming quality.

I love this bit of info on the Marxist school system by Todd Starnes. I for one feel reassured that the superintendent (D) and the corrupt school board (D) are looking into it. Schools are designed to educate you into a regimented daily life and nothing else as they steal our money to underwrite our own demise and pass along as little knowledge as possible. Education is the goal, the transfer of knowledge not so much. Read John Taylor Gatto if want the true history of America and the purpose of modern day education. Lies are built on Lies and our Gov’t and her corrupt bureaucrats are the center to make us peons nothing but bureaucraticslaves.

Vigilantly Justice by ex-military does exist and thank God, but I’m sure a commie Poison Ivy League lawyer will sue the poor guy on behalf of the guy who tried to rob him due to some entitlement that white people have over a minority.  

Based on this article it appears the FBI lied again to scare the American public, I guess we’ll see what evidence they manufacture with the help of the BATF, the resident experts within the American Leviathan who crucify innocent American subjects.  After all, this benign organization was ‘founded’ by, J Edgar Hoover, a bathhouse boy like Obama who blackmailed everyone but was fully supported by the Poison Ivy League Elitist as they found a common goal, enslave the average American.

Speaking of the current American Police State, Cheryl Chumley has a great book out called “Police State USA: How George Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality. This ties into the FBI raid in the paragraph above and how J. Edgar Hoover helped created the American Gestapo (FBI) to protect the elitist state from the average American. I don’t think the average FBI stooge realizes that is their purpose but those in control do and the same goes for the small and large city police forces. It is also the purpose of DHS, TSA, CIA, EPA and all the other alphabet soup agencies.

I’ll end on the hypocrisy of the Feminist Democrat Socialist movement:

A feminist leftist ‘judge’, Margaret Noe, from Michigan orders a male navy service member (Matthew Hindes) to report for a court hearing on his daughter, even though the military has him out of the country on submarine.  If he was gay I understand why Obama would step in but since he is a heterosexual white male he is getting shit on my the court system, because it isn’t about equality and never has been, and that is the dirty secret of the Socialist (Communist and Fascists – sibling rivalry).

I wonder if Margaret Noe thinks the Burqa (wordpress thinks ‘Burqa’ is misspelled because they are xenophobic, notice I didn’t say racist because the peaceful religion of Islam which supports and enforces female genital mutilation crosses ethnic boundaries) is liberating like the Muslim pussies in Sweden and other global feminists.  I really hate to point out their hypocrisy but I’m duty bound to do so. Living in American is currently better than living in Iraq but it may only be so for a little while. America, keep sending your kids to college to be in hoc to Uncle Sam for his/her ‘education’ while he/she continues to be forced/convinced/educated to underwrite their own demise to benefit those who have been raised from birth to hate them, just like the NE Poison Ivy League Grads (this is why Bush/Obama love the ‘peaceful’ Muslims).

The Kansas Kracker