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Half of Detroit can’t pay their water bills. Talk about a Progressive Paradise of Union Thugs and Gov’t Central Planning. Now they want the UN to come in so they can direct ‘gov’t supplies’ to those factions with the most arms and those prone to violence. It is like Africa so we can expect to see a Black Hawk Down sometime soon. Thank You DC and our ‘selected’ officials who were put in their place to destroy this once wonderful country.

Greenpeace loves to lecture the common man on their contributions to the death of Earth but not their own executives. Bureaucratic ‘kings and queens’ make us all slaves and serfs to their decrees but they never have to follow the same rules. Granted their rules are all BS to make us serfs and slaves so they can make the UN and all gov’t proud of their lies and deceptions. (I call this the Al Gore rule of assholes)

Speaking of Al Gore and Global Gov’t lies, the USA has actually been cooling. Thank You Christopher Booker for your take on things. Too bad so many ‘Gov’t and Academic’ scientist have hung their sorry reputations on gov’t funds and not actual science. The UN is a joke and so are all Western Governments and their sycophantic academic whores. This alone should be enough to pull all our children out of the state run indoctrination centers known as schools.

But we can’t because of the elitists ran prep educational boarding schools in the DNC NE stronghold where our supposed elitist ‘masters’ supposedly spend their time because their parents and hidden donors pay for their education. I guess selling your soul to Satan does have a price and the Democrats in NE America long ago found it, just like their brethren across the Pond in England. England has the Monarchs and America has the NE plutocrats, thanks to the engineered Civil War, England and the Yankees finally got to finance a War and eventually make slaves of us all, granted that absolute came with WWI and the supposed passage of the 16th amendment.

Which leads me to the next rape of the American public. www.Foxbusiness.com just ran an article on how to lose your IRA. It was intriguing because they mentioned ‘Clark v. Rameker’ which the Supreme Court ruled on that the Masters of the District of Corruption (Washington DC) can steal deferred funds for medical bankruptcy so I presume that was why Obamacare (ACA) was ultimately passed by both parties to cover up their Ponzi schemes. By the way the US Gov’t is broke and we citizens are not responsible for the debt, but China should collect on the estates of the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas. That being said, the managed death of the middle class and the unfettered access across our borders by unwanted and unneeded migrants will lead to the ultimate caste system they (the elitist) want to enslave 80% of ‘American’ public, which is all a democratic fraud from the get go. America has passed the Rubicon and the only way out is the destruction of the DC establishment. The bought and paid for media by the NE blue blood establishment won’t acknowledge a conspiracy (which by legal definition is an individual or a group who conspire to commit a crime – your HS teacher will never tell you this but they don’t know why) but that is what DC does everyday.

Case in Point: The IRS amendment (16) which was allegedly passed says they will be in charge of our Healthcare…or as I call it Deathcare, as they can pick and choose those loyal to the bureaucracy. In this case the IRS didn’t follow the law nor will they ever because they aren’t the law. They will always act against the people and only support they establishment class in DC. The IRS doesn’t work for the people but works for the NE poison IVY League establishment who have usurped their will upon a once free people.

By the way if Lois Lerner or any other IRS slave has to log into her/his computer daily with and ID, then her/his emails exist on a server, but I won’t hold my breath that Congress will ask that with an IT specialist. I despise DC with all my heart as I serve the true God and not the God of Satan (aka Gov’t). DC may want me to be a serf or a slave but I’m neither because I do not bow down to the Gov’t alter of faux money but my God is the God of life, Jesus Christ.

Speaking of The Great Satan (Democrats in the US) I have the following links:

http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/united-nations-seeks-us-based-disarmament-demobilization-and-reintegration-specialists_06242014 – yes Uncle Sam hates you and your free thinking attitude .

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-24/biden-s-bank-accounts-bigger-than-zero-he-boasted-saving.html – I’m and idiot whore and my name is Joe Biden

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2667421/225-000-Thats-obscene-Hillary-Clinton-collect-massive-speaking-fee-Nevada-university-students-grapple-tuition-hikes.html – we aren’t as rich as our donors who need gov’t favors

http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2014/06/24/bill-clinton-says-hillary-not-out-of-touch/  – The Clinton’s talk to their neighbors

Chelsea Clinton and the Nazi Bureaucratic Corporation (NBC) paid Chelsea money for doing nothing but being a DNC child of whore parents.

Lying Parents produce a lying child. It is sad because she could have made a difference by being truthful, unlike her alleged father and biological mother. 

On a side note the DNC is importing Latin American’s to replace Blacks as their preferred choice of minority exploitation. They also want to destroy the white middle class but they’ll give the ‘new’ Americans voting rights and ‘free’ fiat money to buy their votes while at the same time reducing wages as supply outstrips demand (you can thank the Chamber of Commerce) so they can destroy the white middle class to create the ultimate caste system in American that they learned from the UK who learned it from India not too long ago.

The DNC and Progressive RINOs love the poor, only to exploit them…

Good Luck Average American Citizen and Immigrant, you’ll need it

The Kansas Kracker