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Times are a little slow now, besides Obama and his Poison Ivy League cronies screwing over the American slaves with the IRS, DOJ and the EPA but that is a weekly occurrence, under Bush it was every other week. Both parties in DC serve a higher allegiance and it isn’t God but yet they have their differences, yet they agree that the common people have to suffer and fund their own demise.

This article is a euphemism of our current administration and how they view the poor and the middle class Americans and the poor future DC Democrat voting slaves ‘immigrating’ from Mexico and Central and South America.

A VA (Veteran Affairs) nurse, Val Riviello, gets railroaded by the system by being the voice of reason because she upsets the gravy train of screwing over those who deserve the upmost care. Considering the VA is the testing ground of Obamacare, all Americans are once again screwed by our overlords. They screwed us with social security, Medicare and Medicaid and now with universal ‘healthcare’.

Anti-Keystone Democrat donor, Tom Steyer, does his best Al Gore impression and bites the hand that fed him. Granted the whole thing is one big Davos lie as the Earth is cooling so the rich can get richer off the backs of those they ‘educate’ through gov’t sanctioned stupid factories called schools. This is just as funny as Bill and Hillary being ‘in touch’ with the regular people because they say (never verified by the media) they hang out with the common people at the grocery store. That also brings into context how common they are, as Bill also bought 14 $500 watches for the whores who paid him to be a whore to dole out fiat taxpayer money.  (If only money grew on trees but I guess it does for Bill and his friends). I, like the rest of my fellow Americas, know it sucks to have morals. If only we could be elected or appointed to be a government official, just not Chris Stevens.).

Now Obama and the DNC want to fund the rebels for $500mm in fake dollars to fund ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria like they did in the Arab Spring for Libya and Egypt. Who is stealing from who? And we all know how that turned out. Egypt did the right thing and threw out the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and it pissed off Obama, Hillary and the Communist State Department, so now he/her/It and their Euro crony friends are doing everything they can to stir up shit in Syria and Iraq to offset their failures in the Ukraine. Oh what great theatre this is as the fake ISIS, which is now the yellow journalistic media topic of the town thanks to the CIA and their rebel/media allies in the MSM try and sell another Wag the Dog war scenario, which they own lock stock and barrel because of their Poison Ivy League connections.  Most of what Foxnews, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Dailymail and other global publications is all about this sudden influx of warriors that resulted from a fart in the wind to over throw the enemy of the month Bashar. I doubt any of it is even happening since the English and American media are continuing to sell these false events to their government educated sheeple 24/7. Rest in Peace George Orwell, your vision and prophecy has come to fruition.

This link, from www.thecollegefix.com sums up our current state of affairs nicely, as the socialist white leftist (fascists and communists) continue to exist in an Alice in Wonderland state of affairs, like the Democrat law professor who makes 205K a year. I wonder what his charitable contributions are outside of the DNC, but I’m sure it is close to Al Gore’s $5 max (the same as Bill and Barry’s max contributions). Life is good when are a Democrat Hypocrite voter, yet I repeat myself, as you always vote to underwrite your own demise. I’m sure this sack of shit loves the poor only to exploit them like most white Democrat sycophants.

What I find amusing is they (Democrats) pretend to love the poor, the blacks, the immigrants, the Hispanics, (funny not the lovely Asians) yet all they do is take advantage of them. Yes, certain blacks, women and Latinos/Latinas are elected to office, yet they only serve as middle management to enslave their own people why they enrich themselves, this is what us white people have experienced for some time (over 100 years) from our supposed ‘elected’ representatives. Charlie Rangel and Shelia Jackson Lee care for blacks like Hitler cared for the Jews, and it is the same for White and Hispanic elected officials. They are elected because they hate their own people and are wiling to sell them out. It is no different than the UN and EU whore officials who sell out their own people, after all, it only takes a Poison Ivy League Indoctrination, a small price to pay to live a life of luxury off of the taxpayers dime, just ask the common people Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I love the free market system but it doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a couple hundred years. The only free market system is the black market which the gov’t created because of their stupid rules. Americans, you are still free, realize it before it is too late.

The Kansas Kracker