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The EPA now claims they can garnish wages of those they ‘accuse’ of violating its rules, according to www.Foxnews.com, which are probably not decipherable by God himself. The Brownshirt Bureaucrats (IRS, BLM, etc) are on the march so beware you pesky non RINO Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians. Damn you patriots for passing the Civil Rights and establishing the NAACP just so the socialist racists in the DNC could appoint and enrich a few Black, Latino and Asian sell outs to then sell out their people who they claim to represent. It is like Roman Empire is now alive and soon to die here in the good old USofA.

The short comings of George Ferguson of Canada, where eloquently written by his daughter in his obituary. He loved to use ladies and other peoples money and I think the saddest part is he never realized his calling as a politician. I for one thank his daughter for being so honest.

To piggyback on the previous link/paragraph and how manipulative people can be, especially those in the public arena and how they wrong people (including their mothers) for a few fictitious bucks. Our political officials are more often than not ‘selected’ I mean elected to represent the people (I really mean corporate interests) in our continuous faux theatre of democratic production due to their exposure of being blackmailed to act in the manner they were selected to benefit those who underwrote their campaigns. This man, Thomas Ravenel takes the cake, not that his selected, I mean duly elected opponent,  Lindsey Graham’nesty’, doesn’t deserve to be taken to the woodshed for his treasonous actions of protecting the entrenched NE Poison Ivy League protected class, but in Thomas’s case, he can’t hold state office because of his felony but Congress seems to welcome him with open arms. I’m shocked but not surprised and neither should the rest of the American Slaves of this DC loophole that allows felons to be in Congress, after all that is where they belong.

Being that this Pedophilia Conference was organized and held at the ‘progressive’ institute of Cambridge it isn’t surprising but this is just sick, and just goes to show the common man how the established class looks upon us peons as just their chattel for sex and work. Here is a link which shows just the tip of the iceberg in England and we all know it goes on everywhere and has for centuries, especially in the global cities of where gov’t power resides. This activity is sick and demonic and it breaks my heart, no wonder that gov’t bureaucrats the world over hate God and his words, morals and rules as they just get in their way of their exploitation or children, but that explains why they love gov’t schools so much.

The true casualties of Latino amnesty are Black Americans, according to A.J. Delgado, but don’t tell the African Barry Obama or the DNC. I find it ironic that the Black community has been screwed over by the modern day NAACP and the DNC for the last 50 years as LBJ said, those ni**ers will be voting Democrat for 200 years but yet they still haven’t figured out votes for the status quo is OK according to what their privileged house slaves (middle management) like Sharpton, Jackson, Sheila Jackson, and the other African American politician sellouts in the Main Stream Media tell them to how to vote.

Here is another article on how Barry Obama has helped out the south side of Chicago from the Washington Times. They said he is the worst President ever. Why? The DNC created ghettos in every city on purpose so they created shitty schools and kept them that way (Chicago, Cincy, KC, St. Louis, LA, Philly, NY, Newark, etc), EBT cards of dependency, abortion because they put daddy in jail for minor drug offenses so if you abort you vote D life, just like the white soccer mom., Section 8, Obama phones which is ironically owned by a Mexican (hints why the Latinos are coming North…i.e., you blacks are worthless according to our statistical models and we are throwing you under the bus for the Latinos we are letting in…yes the DNC exploited you again like we have for 200 years and ironically you will still vote for us. Good night because the Latinos will do the same. Suckers.

Finally, as I say goodnight to America the gov’t protected media and technology companies are once again bowing down and sucking the little gov’t cock. The NSA and their CIA Poison Ivy League colleagues just love this moment and who can blame them, as they have set up the whole system. Their boy Obama can now, with the flick of a switch tell the average American more lies than CBS, NBC, ABC, FoxNews, ESPN (a sub of ABC), MSNBC, USA, Verizon, AT&?T, Sprint, and T-Mobile can in an instant. To my friends in this ‘free’ Republic, please ignore all gov’t truths and just realize that everything is a lie and most importantly, tell your children.

Food for Thought:

Our Republic is screwed and why we are all slaves (IRS – 16th amendment is a lie and so is the 17th…I don’t believe either was actually passed but was pressed on the citizens by the treasonous press.)

To African Americans/Blacks…Our doors are open. The same people who, look like you have sold you out. Why is your unemployment rate the highest and why are their policies always hurting the black community? The right is your ally, the left who has exploited your cause and your community is your enemy. The DNC has given you nothing but shit but yet you still vote for them because of Jackson and Sharpton which sold your people out long ago. Wake up!

http://www.examiner.com/article/drudge-report-rolls-death-trains-over-amnesty-hopes – They won’t stop coming but the Latinos will replace the blacks as the victim class, as the DNC are pros at fucking people over…remember just vote Hillary…if you don’t the dead will.

Illegal arrested for murder…where is Obama???

There is a bunch more but I leave you tonight with these links. America is screwed and it has been screwed by the whore politicians who have put us in debts we can’t repay. Don’t feel obligated as Clinton, Obama and the Bushes and their sycophants should pay Japan and China and not you and I. We should confiscate their assets and those of Congress to repay those that were stupid enough to believe in their false promises, like Social Security, EBT, Section 8, Welfare, Medicare, etc and all those empty Democrat vote buying promises to enslave the minorities they crave to control.

The Kansas Kracker