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I was hoping that with the Summer coming that these female pedophiles stories would slow down but I was wrong. Really, these gov’t certified teachers are sick just like our Congress people and the Dept. of Education and their Union whores, so shouldn’t we be asking why they are targeted by certification halls we know as Universities. If you want to really look at this on an objective basis, Universities and the Gov’t are identifying, educating and certifying women who happen to be pedophiles. I don’t see those evil men manipulating little girls and boys outside of the few Catholic friars on the scale that ‘women’ violate these young boys and take advantage of their sexual hormones, but yet the Gov’t turns a blind eye, because they are religion unto themselves.

In the last couple of week lets take a look at those women pedophiles who will never face the justice a man would, as our Justice System is just as corrupt as the 3rd World.

Danielle Watkins (32), a married teacher with two kids slept with an 18 year old.

Karen Dylan, an Alabama substitute teacher had sex with a student.

Kindergarten teacher does this sick deed. Thank you Gov’t Certification.

Jennifer Collins McNeill

Tim Flasick a rare victim because he is a man but should probably stay in jail for a long time.

Jennifer Sexton sought out and had sex with one of her students. What a wonderful world

Mary Faith McCormick is another product of our sick system.

I will leave you with Joy Kingsley who is 39 and had sex with a 16 year old.

I just love that the gov’t imposed educational system not just forces these ‘women’ upon kids but can even say they are sorry without biting their tongue. Our gov’t system is awful and the sooner our kids and their parents realize this the better off we’ll all be. It isn’t like the professors in their Karl Marx college will teach them anything of value, they’ll just continue with the status quo. 

God Help Us All

The Kansas Kracker