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My millions of followers must have thought I was rubbed out by the powers that be but that is not the case. I have to admit I got sick, I got lazy and I had other things to do but I’m back to save the world. Some of these links will obviously be dated but are still relevant and worth revisiting because of the American subjects limited attention span (thanks to leftist gov’t schooling) so bear with me.

Fat Ass Moochelle Obama wants talking shopping carts because the leftist/DNC/Communist/School Unions have dumbed down the masses to beyond the lowest common denominator that we need electronics and others to do our own thinking, if that is even possible today. This is just an extension of the Nanny State, WIC, Section 8, Gov’t ran schools, Welfare, Free Cell phones, reduced responsibility and some alphabet soup agency (Dept of Ag in this case) running the pathetic show that has become the USA.

California couple now faces a fine because they won’t water their lawn during a major drought. Under leftist thought they should be worshiped but at the same time it is causing blight to their rich DNC neighbors who don’t understand the definition of the word hypocrite. Just like all DNC policies (see Newark, Ferguson, Detroit, Chicago and any other DNC controlled city) which have long never made any sense to people with common sense, it hurts the majority while benefiting a few white entrenched political elites at the mercy of the Poor, Black, Latino and other minorities who have been paid off to continue to vote them into ‘office’.

DNC leftist bureaucrats destroying social progress one day at a time.

This is a very interesting article at www.zerohedge.com which basically state the US Gov’t cares about her subjects about as much as Hamas does about those living in the Gaza Strip.

I love The Gateway Pundit and so should you as this link talks about the Faux Indian Elizabeth Warren and her 11 Progressive commandments. I wonder if she has invited any undocumented foreign workers to stay on her palatial estate in Tepee Corner? (Check in with www.thegatewaypundit.com for all the DNC engineered developments in Ferguson, MO, as I hear more FBI agents are there than went to Benghazi yet less justice will be served)

Kevin D. Williamson and his article Property and Peace at www.nationalreview.com is a must read for anyone who can actually read, as this skill is no longer common thanks to our benevolent gov’t masters and her teacher unions.

Homeland Security Agents raid house to seize car because of EPA violations. We can’t stop a bunch of illegal law breaking criminals but the Gov’t Criminal Cartel can steal their American subject’s actual property. Welcome to the USA, the long lost land of the free and home of the brave but the current home of the benevolent bureaucratic masters who love those Dreamers from abroad more so than those home grown terrorists who no longer bow down to kiss the rings of their ‘masters’ which were created by Sauron (aka Satan). That is correct, the modern day Mordor is Washington DC, a city full of darkness and demons but Brussels and the EU isn’t too far behind, yet let us not forget about their evil sisterhood and the UN. Perhaps it is time to move East and to the enlightenment of Asia.

Why it doesn’t pay to be a Whistleblower. I don’t often read the Washington Compost but in this case they had a good article. Blowing the whistle is useless as the ‘hotline’ was strictly set up to root out and identify those who didn’t go along with the gov’t cartel scam. The Mafia would have used this to find those who weren’t loyal and the gov’t and her agencies do the same, yet ever since I was in high school I realized that the Mafia and the Gov’t were one and the same, yet the Mafia actually had a code of honor. The reason Hoover was trying to get rid of the Italian, Irish, Russian, Asian and Jewish Mafias was because they drove down the price of protection rackets. When an illegal amendment is supposedly passed with the help of the media (16th and 17th amendment) there can only be one racket in town and these guys were hurting business. When the Poison Ivy League and the Skull and Bones Society want a piece of the action they get it through gov’t coercion, usually via an alphabet agency like the FBI, CIA or NSA. Don’t be a whistleblower find a decent journalist who will help you out, but don’t go with NBC as you’ll see in the next post.

David Gregory got fired and was paid $4MM in hush money due to NBC’s commitment to journalist integrity. Was it because he brought an illegal ammo magazine on set and the DNC paid whore, according to the State propaganda machine known as NPR, decided to not prosecute him because he is a loyal DNC ally? Kind of like the Dept of Injustice doesn’t follow the law it only makes it up as it goes a long. This is the final leg when a supposed Republic becomes a Banana Republic. God Help Us All!

If that last post doesn’t piss you off then why doesn’t PETA care that Solar Panels are killing birds?  This is like the DNC and teachers/professors saying they love the unborn but to be compassionate they have to kill them to save them. Al Gore please speak up you avian murderer. I guess you can get Harry Reid to claim you are saving a turtle, a mouse, a spider, an ant or some other species that exists somewhere else. Perhaps we could kill politicians because they kill humans all the time with their policies but that wouldn’t save some made up academic species whose funding is dependent on the Whores of Congress. 

God Bless the People and not the Politicians,

The Kansas Kracker