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With the D.C. criminal enterprise taking their summer holiday the news is slow but I gathered what I could so I hope my millions of followers enjoy my thoughts on the following:

According to CNSNEWS.COM 109MM Americans are on Welfare and if you add SS and Medicare it climbs to 153MM based on 2012 data so today it must be higher. Believing Big Brother Bureaucrat data is like believing fresh shit doesn’t stink. Roll on Obama/DNC economy, Roll On. I’m also sure the unemployment rate is a paltry 7%.

Don’t say Bless You as a common courtesy as you are bound to be punished. Apparently Bless You is Christian and shouldn’t be said in the Gov’t sponsored religion of schools. It is apparently a crime in High School  and in College, but temporarily common sense may have won out as abortions in class must be OK, as long as you vote for the DNC afterwards.

But then again common sense is so common in gov’t indoctrination centers (aka schools) as if you kill a dinosaur in Summerville, South Carolina with a gun you get suspended. Considering the teacher is a union democrat sycophant (I realize that is redundant) I’m sure she never read history and realized this was impossible as the gun and gun powder weren’t created until long after the dinosaurs were killed off by man made global warming. In actuality this could never take place and the poor student can’t be charged for murder in a court of law, unlike all the poor millions of innocent lost souls killed by governments around the globe in search of the perfect utopia. Funny how the politicians and the States they represent are never charged for their murderous terror.

Speaking of State sponsored religion, www.blacklistednews.com has a great article on the Orwellian nature of the State and in this case it is Northern Illinois University (the Great State of Illinois that gave us the new Founding Father of the NWO, Obama) and how she loves to control her subjects (notice I didn’t say citizens).

But my fellow www.Bureaucraticslave.com (shameless plug), there is still hope for our society as we have the children. Perhaps this is the turning point where the small student masses rise up against Moochelle and the State Bureaucrats, perhaps the Socialism of the State can’t fight the will of the children who only want to eat what they want.  I think we should listen to the children, as their God given and genetic instincts have told them to rebel and fight the system of tyranny, and we know we know Mother Nature is always correct. Yes, the school system was set up to stop the potential of a rebellion and inform us, the miserable masses, of the blanket of security the State and her corporate masters provide us all, but this is science and it is fight or flight. Oh what a web those pesky Progressives weave when they try to dictate Human Action. By the way, Human Action is a book by Ludwig von Mises, which should be read by everyone. Schools and their Government masters hate it but us, those in the proletarian class should fight to read it but you won’t find it in any gov’t sponsored curriculum from K-Grad School as it destroys the Keynesian/Krugman/Friedman/Marxist narrative.

When things don’t go as planned according to the MSM then cut off all debate.  http://mediaequalizer.com as pointed out that when Leftist/Fascists/Communist/DNC/Progressive agendas don’t go as planned then they stop all debate. This has been a MSM/Gov’t ace in the hole for many years and I for one thank God every day that the Internet was created to at least counteract this tyranny. Thank you MediaEqualizer.com for posting this article.

The Leftists favourite religion of peace has struck again. I’m sure it is a misunderstanding and is attributed to a thousand years of oppression brought about by the Christian Crusades…and the whipping boy was the Armenians.

The IRS hires the most honest lawyers. In this case an IRS lawyer may be disbarred for lying, but isn’t that what they are paid to do? But then we have the one DOJ attorney who admits the IRS lied and Lois Lerner’s emails do exists. I don’t trust the IRS but I don’t trust anyone in D.C. and neither should any of you. Why can they lie all the time but we can’t. Why should we lowly subjects have to live up to the law but those in the political class be exempt from the laws they write for us. Justice isn’t blind, it sees everything and only prosecutes those who don’t have the means to defend themselves. Our ‘Republic’ is officially now a 3rd World Banana Republic where no justice is served and the lawyers have only themselves to blame.

Speaking of NO justice, let us take a look at Obama and his pursuit of Climate Change so the criminal gov’t class can tax the rest of us so they can live high on the hog. Obama wants to abolish The Congress to continue is Poison Ivy League pursuit of a NWO (just like the Bushes and Clinton and many before them). The UN is the ISIS of the West, where the radical progressives use their Omnipotent God Government (Thanks to Gov’t spying) to make the proletariat underwrite their own fate by making them pay to enrich the political class and their crony friends via Gaia Guilt. This is further empathized through regimented schooling mandated by the State and her corrupt common core curriculum.

To piggyback on this NWO corruption we have to look no further than the bureaucratic Mongolian hordes at the EPA. These people think a swan’s piss stream is a waterway that needs to be regulated, along with my piss stream off my deck when I’ve had too many beers. Again, we have to look to the children to fight back at schools, like they have against Moochelle, Bloomberg and the other petty tyrants, against the stupidity of all Socialistic decrees that only serve to enrich our corrupt overlord and their lobbyist masters. As the good book says (The Bible) in Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10-12:

The Armor of God…Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

I’ll leave you with one final link as corruption is expensive and to buy vote you have to exploit someone and California is no exception.  Thanks to the www.foxandhoundsdaily.com we have this gem out of one of the most corrupt States in the Union, funny how this seems to always happen in ‘blue’ states and why Obama, the DNC, RINOS and the Chamber of Commerce are hell bent on bringing in fresh blood to gin up our economy for political points. In this case buying votes is expensive and overpayments is a tried and true way for the DNC to continue to operate their reign of terror over all minorities. Some things haven’t changed since the end of the Civil War. They will create ghettos and ‘benefits’ but all they schemes do is make the slave continue to serve her master and in this case it is always the DNC, the plantation experts.

God Bless You my Fellow Americans and please say a prayer to God and bless those that need it more than we do at the present time, but our time is coming and the Gov’t Bureaucrats will make sure us Christians suffer our daily pains for not bowing down their God they call Government.

The Kansas Kracker