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First off what a sad anniversary today is, as we remember the fallen from 13 years ago. We lost over 3,000 13 years ago from the innocent victims to the first responders who risked everything that day, but at the same time take a lot of criticism in the times of calm by people like myself. Live Free or Die My fellow Americans, while our political overlords and her academic and media allies sell us out to create their vision of the perfect union.

In D.C. it is apparently cool to compare GWB to Hitler for 6th graders. The teacher apparently can’t comprehend that the fascism of Bush and Hitler differ due to his or her poor schooling as the left always fails to realize that the NAZIS where Socialists, a sibling to communism. I’m not going to excuse either Bushes or Obama or Clinton as they all share the same Poison Ivy League Schooling, just like the Socialists and the Frankfurt School (i.e., Big gov’t and the political elite combine forces with big business to enrich the upper caste).

Apparently Harry Reid owns all the Nevada Indians, which ironically the DNC moved them there long ago. Then again the DNC ‘owns’ all minorities and house them on the DNC plantations known as reservations and ghettos in perpetual suffering.

Our own domestic spy agency (FBI), known to blackmail people since the days of Hoover fails to call a spade a spade (i.e. Islam=terrorism, but then again so does Socialism if you read about the Red Revolution in Russia, no wonder the DNC and RINOS love Islam). The PC in this country will be our downfall and Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid payments will never be paid and only chaos will ensue. God Help Us All when Grey Dawn arrives as the Poison Ivy League Inmates continue to run the American asylum, just like their Oxford/Cambridge cohorts in England.

On a BureuacraticSlave note, in Fairbanks, Alaska, the leading bureaucrat used the power of the State, in the tune of $7K, to fight a $37.50 fine. I believe it is rhetorical at this point, but common sense is all but dead and the proletariat class is screwed. God, please help the USA as we have lost our bearings.

Speaking of God helping us, especially against the Devil, Lois Lerner looked the other way when Unions showed political favor ship towards the DNC. I for one am shocked that the criminal cartel in DC would show a preference for those who fund their domestic terrorist causes over those who just want to live free, like the Tea Party. I wonder how 5 more IRS officials have suddenly ‘lost’ their emails. I for one love living under the most transparent regime in my lifetime, do you?

Speaking of the corrupt IRS (A DNC subsidiary, after all it includes theft) they are now targeting Breitbart News. Is the IRS anti-Semitic? After all they didn’t investigate NBC for doctoring the 911 tapes of George Zimmerman. But Breitbart.com is conservative and DC can’t stomach competition.

This is music to every bureaucrat and elected official’s ears the globe over, replacing God with the name of an immoral man. The UN, the EU, Congress and all alphabet NGO agencies have to be salivating over replacing God with their own name in all future ‘religious doctrine’.  In the USA they’ll swap it out with Obama or some other devilish official with a Poison Ivy League pedigree sooner rather than later

Is there a USA anymore? The criminal cartel in DC, like the criminal cartel in Brussels, have longed tried to destroy century old cultures to enrich themselves with the power of the faux purse to enrich themselves and their conspiratorial allies at the expense of the true patriots. when will this cycle end?

Top Ten list of America’s snobbiest cities. Ask yourself how many vote elitists Democrat…9 out of 10, with Scottsdale being the one exception and I could be wrong. So which party is home to the uber wealthy, elitism and class? It is the DNC, so I guess the Koch brothers are owed and apology.

Since the Government schools and Universities are a haven of the DNC, Fabian Socialists, Jacobins, Communists and Union influence, I thought I’d end with this informational post with a link about the horrors of chap stick in our schools. But if you read that link you have to read The Story of Two Buses by Gary North, but don’t end there and go to John Taylor Gatto to get the real truth of American Education or should I say indoctrination.

As we continue the Poison Ivy League, Oxford/Cambridge, MI6/CIA WAR in the Middle East which began in WWI, , let us hope the Scots declare independence and destroy the stupidity and ancient belief in the crown. We should believe in God and not a Poison Ivy League staffed CIA/State Department that funds all sides to continue to enrich themselves and their immoral allies in the MIC (Thank you IKE).

Wake up America!

God Bless

The Kansas Kracker