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I have to start off this post with my disgust of the NFL and the MSM and to my millions of followers (OK I’m inflating the number drastically and using bogus made up statistics just like the gov’t) I apologize ahead of time if I sound like a chauvinistic jerk but I’m trying to point out a double standard, which is a genetic trait of the left.

Kate Fagan, an, ESPN analyst said…”We Need To ‘Reprogram the Way We Raise Men What does this mean? Yes, Ray Rice admitted he hit his wife to be and she is telling the world to get a life. Next up Adrian Peterson, another young black man gets crucified by the media before a trial for punishing his kid with a switch, just like was when is was a little lad. I’m not here to defend their actions as some are bad and some aren’t but yet the MSM, Gov’t officials like Claire McCaskill, and the NFL are trying these individuals in the media before these people can be convicted of breaking a law before a jury of their peers. But the same people who crucify these young black men (e.g. the MSM, academia and feminists) will defend an ex-president for his alleged crimes against women by saying it was because his mother abused him.  Shouldn’t these young men at least be afforded the same defense or at least crap reasons in a court of law that a white male from Arkansas, who attended Oxford had? I know I use the moniker the Kansas Kracker, because blacks/African Americans rightfully call whites such (we do resemble a Ritz, Club, Saltine, Wheat Thin, etc) as we all differ slightly just like they but I use it as a play on words. I support blacks and their quest for freedom from tyranny but it has always been the DNC that has abused their race since the end of the American Civil War and when Margaret Sanger (D) came upon the scene and gleefully supported the Black/African American genocide of fetuses via Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of destroying people, Obama and David Cameron say they will destroy ISIS, ironically a Western Gov’t creation to oust Assad, as Obama and Cameron say ISIS isn’t Islam, the religion of Peace we all know, love and admire? Two guys who attended Universities that were once Christian and no longer are such (same with the two Bush Presidents and Clinton) now are defending the savages of Islam. The people who lord over us in London and DC (Brussels too – The EU) will soon destroy Western Civilization as we know it and it is by design as they long ago pledged their allegiance to evil.

Obama just warned America it ‘can’t dawdle‘ as Ebola could jeopardize US National Security. Maybe he and the rest of DC could look in the mirror to see the real threat to ‘National Security’. I guess the profits of the Poison Ivy League Express are being threatened. Which is odd as Gov’t protected industries like the Military Industrial Complex and the Pharmaceuticals (Ebola) are doing real well in the fake markets.

Obama and the worthless UN had a tough week with the fake climate change BS that benefits a few global corporations who donate heavily to ‘Progressive’ causes so they can get gov’t tax breaks and ironically the same politicians also might  happen to own those stocks (conflict of interest)? Since all laws are to govern the proletariat class perhaps we need a few for the unethical Poison Ivy League political class. (If you are lucky enough to read my opinions, perhaps you see a Poison Ivy League Conspiracy)

 Our EPA Poison Ivy League educated bureaucrats think their mission exceeds the US Constitution. What is it with ‘elected’ and unelected progressive/leftist/communist/fascist bureaucrats?  When they aren’t directing their hatred towards human beings, they are killing babies and fetuses. Why do they hate life so much? Why don’t they just lead by example and kill themselves?

ISIS  adopts  Common Core as their curriculum of choice. No wonder the likes of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Bill Bennett (ironically all entrenched DC insiders who will profit off gov’t interference into the free market system) to destroy the intellect of those who one day will throw off the shackles of the plutocrats who pretend to be from two different parties for the sake  of the theatrical productions of elections that exist every two years to fool their American subjects (not citizens but bureaucraticslaves).

I’ll leave my fellow patriots with this last post from our neighbors up North. A nonconforming student did the unthinkable and became a bootlegger of Pepsi of all things and was sent home by the powers that be. I wonder if he/she read the banned works of Adam Smith as well, but this person should be elected to office to save Canada. If only we had he/she in the USA, because at least they aren’t from Chicago.

God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker