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Just so my millions of readers are clear, gov’t isn’t a bad thing, they just do a lot of things that are bad to protect their friends.

ExPACOM worker gets 7 years for divulging secrets to his Chinese girlfriend. Didn’t Bill Clinton (D) and Al Gore (D) sell secrets to China to fund their campaign back in the day, so why is this guy getting crucified for getting a little action? With Bill at least the paid whore would voluntarily take off her panties but Al wasn’t so smooth and Bill’s lesbian wife was much more understanding than Al’s, but then again the fake Clintons just want power and Al’s ex wife had morals, unlike ManBearPig. After all, D.C., like all National capitals are home to the double standard. Fucking politicians all suck no matter their nationality and that is a universal theorem that should be named from this day forward as the Kansas Kracker theorem.

The corrupt DOJ, under Eric Holder and Media Matters work together to attack Breitbart reporter, Matthew Boyle. The MSM and the DNC cartel known as Gov’t are one and the same and we are now no better than their NAZI and Communist cousins. Isn’t the IRS going to audit Breitbart? Coincidence? I don’t think so, just a DNC blitzkrieg attack on the truth and part for the course.

Now I have a few wonderful links on our top-notch gov’t ran educational system (apparently the best in the world, excuse me while I vomit)

Clemson University, a gov’t indoctrination center, wanted the student and faculty body sex life history, but then back tracked when the mandatory ‘training’ became too inconvenient because of the press. I love how they swing a big stick and then fall on their sword at the first minor inconvenience of bad publicity. I wonder what the masses could do with corruption with in the IRS? I also wonder how lawful they actually are. I wonder how many in DC actually pay their supposed taxes to remain subjects yet decline to actually be citizens of our corrupt republic ran by the poison Ivy League elitists? If only the Washington Compost did research but I guess the Washington Times needs to up their game.

But then again Clemson University had to be out done by Penn State and their disregard for the US Constitution and violation of free speech which Mark Levin pointed out when YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) students where trying to pass out copies of the US Constitution on Constitution Day. (Look at the fat cow from Pen(n)itentiary State – she looks like Janet Napolitano and/or Janet Reno (D’s to the core) who is suppressing free speech, a hallmark of the leftist progressive scum who hate freedom). What is the point of gov’t education ( I mean indoctrination?). Nothing. K-12 and Universities the USA over are nothing but training grounds for the obedient masses. Once you realize it is all worthless then you are truly free, like me.

To continue on this worthless path of gov’t LSD induced kaleidoscope wonders, why do only 36% of students know not know all three branches of the US Gov’t (aka – the worthless State)?

Suze Orman teamed up with the fake Native American Indian Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Warren to claim banks are ‘raping’ students. How can these banks ‘rape’ these poor financially illiterate souls after the gov’t has educated them from K-12? Perhaps Suze Orman should focus her anger towards the gov’t and her ill designed educational system, which Beth “No Native American Indian Blood” Warren helped to design at her prestigious job at a Poison Ivy League University. This of course afforded her to buy a big tent and serve ‘her’ people from Washington. (By serve ‘her’ people I mean the lobbyist she is forever indebted too and will pass legislation to benefit her whore masters). But all the whores in DC do the same, D and R, as they are just one big party out to screw us all.

I have a couple of good links that don’t admonish our wonderful gov’t ran educational system:

Joe Biden calls Jews cheap by calling them Shylocks, which is ironic as he is describing a gentile Democrat tipper to a T, and Harry Reid demeans Asians because he thinks they are wrong, I mean wong, his words not mine..So much for Democrat inclusiveness. Next thing you know they’ll say they love blacks as they continue to create gov’t welfare so they will stay on the DNC planation in perputituiy. That, and the DNC created the KKK.  The truth hurts, but Al Gore Sr., George Wallace and Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd all wore the colors of white but CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. will cover up the truth to stay relevant and in power.

I guess the White House can have their vending machine treats but the proletariat public education slaves can’t even taste what Ms. Obama ‘Moochell’e Antoinette’s butt enlarging private goodies are. What is good for the DNC is not good for the ordinary proletariat majority . Why do you think they send their kids to private school?  Why do you think gov’t schools suck so bad, is it by design? Yes, that is why they send their kids elsewhere, just like their allies, teachers.

“Speaking of not trusting gov’t'”, Isn’t it Ironic that as the DNC opened the borders in full to buy and exploit  new Hispanic votes and that a bunch of public educated kid now are experiencing a weird new respiratory virus, that FoxNews, CNN, NBC, ABC,  CBS and other ‘journalistic’ despots can’t relate the problem to illegal immigration.

The Kansas Kracker