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I decided to change my approach of “From You Really Can’t Believe This Shit,” which was true, to Bureaucratic Boondoggles as it is more apropos and fitting to this globally followed site, plus it won’t get filtered by those filthy indoctrination centers known as public schools.

Tonight in this short post I’m going to grind my gears over the stupidity of the climate change crab that goes on every year. In this case it is Leonardo DiCaprio and Bernie Sanders when being interviewed by Michelle Fields with PJTV. Leo won’t answer the question and some schmuck runs interference about his many homes and yacht usage, kind of like Al ‘ManBearPig’ Gore. But better yet, the hypocrite Senator (aren’t they all) Bernie Sanders says to Michelle Fields, “that you are one of them, where do you get your funding?” Well Bernie, where do all the sycophantic scientists get their funding to give the Global Progressives the results they want with their predetermined and fraudulent papers? Oh, isn’t it with Gov’t (US, EU, UN, etc) bribes to try and fool the proletarian slaves into accepting their taxes and chains, while Senators, and lowly Gov’t and academic bureaucrats live the high life. F*cking hypocrites, ass*oles and criminals.

Then Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) gets a little testy with Michelle Fields when she points out his hypocrisy, a hallmark and staple of the Left I might point out. What kind of damage was done to the waterways when Ted drove his car off the bridge? Can you imagine the sea life that was harmed with the oil, gas, and other fluids from the car that Ted put into the ocean. Have the Kennedy’s donated enough to Al ‘ManBearPigs’ Gore climate scam to reduce their environmental guilt? Not to say the life that was lost. But I guess the greater good was served to America and the World since a Kennedy was in office for many years and not locked up in a cell like the rest of us would have been if our family didn’t get rich by running booze during prohibition (and not pay taxes on those ill begotten gains) to pay off the ‘connected democrats’ so a favored political son didn’t face justice. RFK did say it was important to change your politician and we’ve seen how hypocritical the DNC and Obama are, as we now bomb Syria.

Al ‘ManBearPig’ Gore left the climate conference of complete ass*oles in a Chevy (GM – Government Motors) SUVs. This guy, like his KKK supporting father, is a complete DB and I have no idea why anyone listens to hypocritical BS. This site, like mine isn’t the prettiest as I assume we both have jobs, but it sums up the past transgressions of the DNC royalty quite nicely.

Speaking of the supposed only leftist lovers of the Earth (Gaia), TheGatewayPundit sums up the garbage that they are, and left to be cleaned up, quite nicely. It almost looks like the mound of trash that the Obama sycophants left on the National Mall after their Messiah’s Inauguration. I’m I the only one seeing a common theme?

Why would you need to pay climate ‘protestors’ to volunteer to save Mother Earth (Gaia)?  Per the enlightened Bernie Sanders and his quote, “that you are one of them, where do you get your funding?” I ask what gov’t law or agency financed this .org (NFP or not-for-profit). We are underwriting our own demise and look at all the white idiots (aka DNC voters) espousing their wonderful gov’t school indoctrination rhetoric. Those evil bastards John Dewey and Saul Alinsky must be smiling on their lava lake rafts about their contribution to the decline and ultimate destruction of humanity. God Help Us All.

To leave you all on a lighter note I was surprised a paper/website, would have the balls to ironically report about a drug cartel member paying off a’ journalist’ for good press. As if the Gov’t Cartels and their bureaucratic minions don’t do the same thing every day to support the regimes that sign their faux paychecks, if it is not with money then with threats. Cartels after all operate the same way.

Good Luck My Fellow Proletarian Slaves,

The Kansas Kracker