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My apologies to my millions of followers but I was on vacation and October baseball is in full swing so that is the reason for my less than stellar web profile. If I was the Ebola president (D) I’d be out on the golf course and the MSM would cover my Harvard educated ass, with sweetheart propaganda articles about my superiority over the proletariat class. That is why Bush sucks (and he did) but Kerry, Clinton and Obama are awesome.

By the way how about them Kansas City Royals kicking some ass! Hopefully the Cards can bounce back from 3-1 and have another I-70 series like 1985. As a Cards fan I think the Royals are the better team. I’ll keep this short as so much great things like Ebola are leading the headlines.

A Democrat lawyer for Al Sharpton (D), Sanford Rubenstein (D)  who apparently likes to take advantage of women because of his Democrat credentials (like Teddy K) is accused of rape (so much for the Republican war on women). I’m shocked as the left always says how much they love the soccer moms. I’m being factious of course, God Bless Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken and David Barry). Look them all up and you might learn how screwed up society truly is….

Twitter sues the US Gov’t (where is the leftist media?)

Producer of Sick and Sicker hit with IRS audit. I’m shocked just like www.Breitbart.com also came under the same Gestapo techniques. Socialism Sucks whether it is Fascism or Communism they both fall under the same PoisonIvyLeague umbrella, of enrich that State (Dept) apparatchiks.

Homeland Security says FU to the 4th amendment. I say FU to the gov’t. You protect us so well with Obala and other 3rd world diseases. Speaking of gov’t created diseases how about the nonexistent climate shit that the worthless, taxpayer funded UN scares us about why they all live high on the hog? Let us ask Dr. Benny Peiser whose funding depends on the sheeple buying into the NWO gov’t scare mentality. Don’t worry they have set up programs to help us all with false data. God help the children in the care of gov’t liars everywhere.

Speaking of Gov’t liars let us turn our attention to the PoisonIvyLeague (PIL ©) ‘educated’ sycophants who profit off the government cartel’s teat, the unaccountable State Department.  Isn’t it funny how Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are given these positions to further our demise without any vetting.  Why are the PoisonIvyLeague grads or their preferred candidates always given this position to further the NWO’s position? After all Gov’t is just another criminal enterprise, generally staffed by the PIL © grads (they watch out for each other).

In American if you start a business you should do as you please but not to Human Rights socialists in Lexington Kentucky, who hate freedom of choice unless you agree with them. We are on the ropes and people need to point out the hypocrisy of the left on how they support one side but not the other. Do Christians not have human rights as well? Why the double standard in the judicial system?

Common Core and the stupidity of American sheeple. Open our eyes and give what John Stossel tells parents to give their kids a choice to change the world, my kid is bored as hell in 1st grade because govt’ sucks as they ‘equalize’ everyone. I can’t wait to share with him the wisdom of John Taylor Gatto  and so should everyone.

The UAW thinks Scabs should wear yellowstars. What is next from the leftists socialist besides hating Jews? Keep up the hypocrisy Democrats.

Finally,  our Gov’t bureaucratic whores hate the proletarian people so much Obama or Obola has or has been loving the Hispanic hordes bringing in a rare virus which has killed American (children) citizens. Our overlords in the  worthless CDC continue with WH rap about this being a non issue  as  it rears it ugly head. It is real and it will kill more people than plannedpartenhood could ever imagine, so they should be thrilled with the death count.

God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker

(I only wish the left stops killing black babies)