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To my American friends your Government loves you so much…they are committing germ warfare against you because they stole all your faux money and it is time to collect…Wall Street is in for a big surprise.

Ebola isn’t harmful as Tom Freidman from CDC (gov’t honest) agency says go about your daily chores. Obama and the DNC will protect you in this October surprise, which Bob Beckel warned us about. What did our honest and transparent administration not tell us?  George W. Bush was also and honest PIL grad and his daddy worked for the CIA truth agency.

Our PIL (PoisonIvyLeague) Gov’t and her (D) Obama representative is committing germ warfare against the people via the open borders and the CDC’s Ebola designed stupidity of not closing the borders like more sensible countries.

This has all been done by design and you only have the PIL (Fabian/Malthusian/Socialists) to blame.

The Kansas Kracker

God Bless (We need Him more than ever)