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The Gov’t school clergy is at it again:

Nicole Dufault, 34, Columbus HS, New Jersey, Teacher and mother of two had sex with 3, 15- year old boys.  Common Core must be a great thing these days if you are a young male.

Finally a male perp: William A. Barber is a sick SOB but I’m sure his punishment will be greater than the female Gov’t certified perps who rape young boys. Ironically I believe that the gov’t educated graduates believed in equality except when it comes to justice. I want no leniency for this man but I also don’t want a double standard that women get for taking advantage of young boys. Gov’t schools are nothing less than state’s version of preachers taking advantage of forced attendance. The other posts will prove this in no less than certain terms.

Two teachers in Louisiana teamed up and gave an young boy his dream that turned into a nightmare. I’m so thankful for gov’t certified teachers. What other benefits will Uncle Sam and his minions give to the USA slaves?

A Math teacher, 24, Victoria Tatum loved a 15 year old. Why?

Lauren Harrington-Cooper had sex with two HS students. Why? How can our benevolent Gov’t continuously approve these pedophiles to teach our young? Yes, the Catholic church rightfully pays a price for these sick transgerssions by why not Uncle Sam and her protected union whores?

Tracy Marie Barras, another Louisiana teacher also had a run in with a student.

I’m shocked that at a NE blue blood private school a teacher and principal would assault boys. This has England and Oxford and Cambridge written all over it, just like our poison ivy league schools who has developed and groomed our supposed gov’t and corporate elites, so I suppose they have all been sexually molested by men so that is why DC is so weird and corrupt and they hide behind the laws they have passed. It also explains why all the faux money goes to their endeavors that only the connected few PIL (Poison Ivy League) support themselves and their connected friends. One can only wonder why the masses could possibly believe the system is rigged by Congress, PIL (Wasn’t GH Bush in Dallas when JFK was shot?), the UN, NATO, The (corrupt) State Dept, and all other parties that Dwight D. Eisenhower said were corrupted by the MIC, especially the Crown? God only knows what they have done!

I know this blog is part of teachers sleeping with students but it is all connected.

The Kansas Kracker