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Michelle Obama so loves the children she want them to experience North Korean lunches.

Hillary Clinton actually is hated by someone in the self sufficient arts community, apparently his name is SABO and she loves flying monkeys.

Oregon Governor fiancée  wanted to grow a pot farm, which I could care less about, but she also married an illegal for

5k. She sounds like a better political candidate than her husband and if she and Charlie Crist hooked up they’d be a match made in heaven as political whores for another world as they continue to switch parties depending on which way the wind blows.

FBI warns against cell phone encryption as then they can no longer blackmail people like J Edgar Hoover did for political purposes. Also, the FBIs involvement would then be exposed along with the DEAs as the front runners in running drugs and guns with the ATF and the DOJ and the MSM could no longer hide this cover in this corporate conspiracy along with the gov’t.

Speaking of Gov’t Conspiracies, the IRS is now stealing money from people. But then again the Gov’t is nothing but a criminal cartel ran by Bureaucratic thieves.  This article is nothing but proof. I guess the bigger question these people should ask for in a court of law is if the 16th (and also the 17th) amendment was actually passed. I know the lying papers say they were  because they made out with the bucks but from a legal standpoint there is an actual case.

Gary North and his law of Bureaucracy.

Cook County faux voting machines, coming to an important district near you. Our elections are a joke, especially if the UN and Jimmy Carter approve them. Wake up America as we are all being screwed.

Obama and Ebola – Thomas Sowell. I’m so thankful for a gov’t that loves me, especially one ran by PIL (Poison Ivy League) so Obama like Bush and their CIA handlers hate people enough to kill them to save their faux SS set up by fellow PIL steward FDR.  If I can give my fellow Americans a piece of advice, never trust and Poison Ivy League Grad. (Google, Facebook, etc). We have all been set up from the beginning.

I’ll leave you with this and how the right and left (no difference) in DC (Devils Conference) now want 34 million illegals to influence our faux election process to keep Big Business and Big Gov’t in alleged power. The blacks have figured out that they have been screwed over because of their white (PIL) influenced ‘black’ President screwed them over, so now the powers that be (TPTB) want the Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas to stream across the border to be their fall people for their failed Keynesian faux money experiment . At this point it will only end badly and we (white/black/Asian/latino) should only blame the uber protected class.

God Bless

The Kansas Kracker