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Great Job Kansas City Royals, you did what no one expected so do us proud in 2015.

Congrats to the SF Giants for winning a great game 7 World Series game, the best game 7 in a generation. I was so pulling for the Royals (and I’m a Cardinals fan) and they will be back but the fact that a great baseball team like the Giants won the WS pisses me off because that political whore, Nancy Pelosi calls SF home. and that pisses me off the most.

Great job Madison Bumgarner as you are a great person, unlike the political whore Nancy Pelosi, and a great athlete and at 25 probably the best pitcher postseason baseball pitcher in history. Keep up the good work, too bad politicians don’t have your make-up. (Madison, please don’t go into politics or you’ll never be as great as you are now).

Now let us get down to real life and the pain that bureaucrats impact upon us all.

Sharyl Attkisson, NYPost, says that the powers that be hacked her computer and the truth could not be told because the gov’t silenced her. The Obama administration makes the Nixon administration look like pikers, but don’t expect ‘journalists’ to do their jobs and expose the tyranny of the DNC.

Voting is so important because the whole game is rigged. In Maryland voting is a joke, but this is the same through out the US. Why is it always when you vote RINO (R) the D (DEVILS) shows up on these Diebold Soros approved machines? This whole process is a joke that is approved by our bureaucratic masters.

Let me show you why!

Hispanics say why not the GOP, the DNC will just screw us over, just like they have done to the blacks.

Finally there is truth to power as how the DNC has screwed over the Blacks. This person has it right and should work for the MSM but that would destroy the lies of the DNC over the last 50 years. I won’t be surprised if he gets rubbed out for fighting truth with power. The Kansas Kracker says keep it up and I hope to meet you some day!

If you think the DNC hates  only Latinos and African Americans then see how they hate all males. This man has been screwed but that is the point, as the State of Michigan is trying to screw over this strong black man. Why would a blue State like Michigan screw over a strong man?

Who is walking out on Obama and his bitch of  a wife?

Moochelle’s GMO/North Korea lunch program at Land O’ Lakes turns bad and they said F You. You know it is bad when the public school progs turn on their DNC tranny imposed overlords who imposed these draconian measures.

Finally the American public is waking up to the PIL (Poison Ivy League)  fraud that is Obama (Bush, Romney, Clinton). Gov’t is nothing but a fraud and the sooner minorities realize it the sooner we can correct the R/D mess that the PIL cabal created can be corrected. After all they all run the gov’t that creates the laws we all have to live by that they don’t have to. We are all SCREWED!

The Kansas Kracker