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Today is election day, the day we all pretend to believe the US Gov’t actually listens to people. This way the gov’t school textbooks can continue the charade into the next generation by reinforcing the lie that we have a gov’t by the people and for the people. At the end of today, despite who allegedly wins or loses, the only people who really lose are the American subjects, who ironically have to abide by more laws thank those pesky illegals. Funny isn’t it, just like Gov’t bureaucrats and politicians who are the sulfur of the Earth.

The FBI now wants new super powers to hack into computers and other electronic equipment in order to carry out ‘surveillance’. Why not, the FBI has been more effective blackmailing people and corporations since Hoover lorded over the American subjects, so they want more ammo to ‘influence’ bureaucrats and those selected, I mean elected officials, so the right laws get put on the books. Kind of reminds be of John Roberts and Obamacare.  Here is a nice link dealing with that pesky 4th Amendment Uncle Sam seems to ignore everyday.

Speaking of the FBI and the Surveillance State, a gov’t school district in Alabama has hired a former FBI agent, on a bloated taxpayer funded salary, to spy on the habits of what the students post on social media. Isn’t the state of modern day America great!

Perhaps the voters of tomorrow are finally realizing that Socialism and Democrats, in other words The Gov’t, SUCKS! Thankfully we have the one and only Moochelle Obama to thank for the current student rebellion, which resulted from the State/DNC/Democrate mandated North Korean portion sized lunches. In this article from eagnews.org out of  Schofield, Wis. – One brave student named Meghan Hellrood has mounted a Tiananmen Square type protest and has threatened to hand out of all things, free Mayo packets. The sky is the limit for young Meghan, if she isn’t placed in a FEMA camp in the next couple of year. The school bullies even took down her boycott poster, so much for the 1st Amendment in those tightly controlled student concentration camps know as public schools.

In my bureaucraticslave post form 10/27/14, I touched on the IRS conspiring to steal even more funds from her subjects in the guise of using obscure war on drug laws to steal innocent American’s (I assume Republican and Libertarians) hard earned money. Apparently they aren’t the only ones.

This theft phenomenon is also happening in the newest 3rd world country, the USA, by the alleged authorities. John Anderson was driving in his car with $25K in the Socialist Republic of California when he was pulled over and threatened with arrest if he didn’t oblige. He didn’t commit a crime but our un’justice’ system ran by Demoncrat lawyers, still hasn’t returned his money because they want their piece of the ill begotten pie due to our communistic laws where the political class steals everything they can under the guise of the law.

Rurik Jutting, a banker in Hong Kong goes crazy and kills two prostitutes. I know I posted this link from zerohedge who doesn’t care for bankers but I think the bigger issue is the guy went to Cambridge and like Oxford and the Poison Ivy League (PIL) graduates they are all egotistical, narcissistic assholes who don’t have to follow the laws and mores of society. Kind of reminds me of our last four selected, I mean elected PIL presidents.

Since it is election day I’ll leave you with the following, not that the election will make a huge difference but it may kick the can down the road a little longer until the house of cards implodes upon itself. As Tocqueville said, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public money.”

Non-Citizens voting in NC.

Voter Fraud in ‘DNC Blue’ Maryland

Maryland machines flip votes yet again

I’m not even going to mention the vote buying in Illinois.

God Bless America and all the Little People throughout the World,

The Kansas Kracker (This might shock you all but I only took this moniker because I happen to be a white guy born in Kansas and I liked the phonetics)