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There is no shortage of bureaucratic stupidity that is a yoke around the average American subject. Enjoy the following links and my plebian thoughts on our current state of affairs.

IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen (Poison Ivy League grad of Yale, Cambridge and Duke, which I throw in since they crucified some innocent lacrosse players), predicts a miserable 2015 tax filing season. This might come as a shock but the IRS has been creating misery since 1913, but John also said, “…you really get what you pay for.” Trouble is none of us plebs asked for the IRS as it was forced upon us mere subjects by our Washington Bureaucratic Overlords.

3 charged in Florida with feeding the homeless. I can see this go several ways but when I read these articles the first thing I think about is how the government hates when private citizens or organizations help the down trodden when they say they will do the job but then pocket the money for themselves and their cronies. These Christians are giving big brother a black eye and it must be stopped.

Foxnews had a nice article on California teachers suing the union over dues and their politics. Will the DNC tyrants take a shellacking like they did on Nov 4th? With the 9th circus making the decision I wouldn’t doubt it if the socialist schools and their union allies continue unchecked on their communist march forward to misery for all.

Also in California, Ivanhoe, the world’s largest solar plant owned by Google and NRG want the taxpayers to bail them out with a grant to pay off their gov’t loan. I guess in America today it is about owning politicians so they can fund projects that aren’t economically valuable. So the left bails out their leftist allies with money forced from the plebs via the IRS. Remember Solyndra and Ivanpah should be the common man’s battle cry against the DC and Northeast Blue Blood Poison Ivy League Bureaucrats.

According to the NYPost, a NY couple who owns a farm are being sued by a lesbian couple for refusing to host their wedding. The couple was contacted by Melisa Erwin and her partner Jennifer McCarthy, who secretly recorded the conversation. This whole thing reeks of a set-up but isn’t it also illegal to tape a phone call without the other parties approval, isn’t this called something like illegal wiretapping? Didn’t Linda Tripp get hounded by the Clinton Clan lawyers for doing something similar? I guess since this couple has special privileges the law doesn’t apply like it would for say a straight couple, as today the law is malleable at every turn by judges looking to gain cred in DNC circles. The final signs of a decaying society are visible all around us and it was brought to us by Socialists slime.

Now to the latest Obamacare news…

The Dailysignal has an article on an Obamacare architect admitting to deceiving the American subjects to pass the law. MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, basically said the American public are complete idiots (Thanks to Gov’t education I might add and all by design) so they had to be deceived for their own good I’m sure , but I think he is the dumbass that got caught on camera by being arrogant. He should be in DC in no time, probably planning the camp layouts for maximum efficiency.

Bloomberg’s David Weigal has an article about Rich Weinstein, a mild mannered investment advisor who is embarrassing the administration over Obamacare. Funny thing is our great media and her sycophant DNC journalists, failed to find this gem because they are in on the DC scams. Also mentioned in the article is how the Soros funded Snopes.com downplayed University of Pennsylvania (Penn = a Poison Ivy League Cartel Member) briefly taking down the video as a ludicrous conservative theory. Ha Ha Ha

Speaking of video glitches, Zerohedge had an article on The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) not including a part of Alan Greenspan’s speech when he said that, “Gold is a currency.” At least the CFR apologized unlike Congress, the Supreme Court and Jonathan Gruber.

God Bless (we need it),

The Kansas Kracker