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Let us see what our bureaucratic Poison Ivy League madmen and women have been up to lately.

Can the Messiah Obama bring back the dead with and executive order? Don Rosenberg lost his son to the illegal alien invasion supported by our DC bureaucrats and their paid for corporate interests but then again the Demons in DC have been pissing on the peons for 100+ years. Might as well just relax and enjoy the act of sodomy  by Uncle Sam, who doesn’t even the decency to use lube. What does Mordor on the Potomac do? Obama and his fellow Constitution busting Poison Ivy League conspirators say everyone will now play by the same rules. We’ve all seen how DC and the elites write rules that only we little people have to abide by…Jon Corzine, The Clintons, Al Sharpton, etc…notice how most are Democrat who live by the mentality of Do as I Say (Not As I Do) as Peter Schweizer so pointed out in his book by the same title.

Speaking of Democrats creating a socialist paradise, how about Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, Oakland, and Detroit making the top 50 most violent cities in the world. Of course the other 45 cities are also ran by Progressive Socialists. No doubt Democrats can build one hell of a society, not just in the US but around the world.

The 3rd most dangerous city, Caracas, Venezuela, also has another problem as goods are scarce, street sales boom and the bureaucratic officials glower. Bureaucrats create boondoggles as the black market if more efficient than the corrupt Gov’t Communist market which always creates shortages that only impacts the little people.

Los Angeles wasn’t on the top 50 list but will soon be as MS13 invades thanks to Obama,the DOJ, BATF and other government agencies who armed them with guns from Fast and Furious. That being said the Do as I say not as I do mentality is alive and well in the City of Angels.  The L.A. mayor’s mansion uses 5x’s more water than the average household.  Enjoy your life fellow serfs while we are squashed by idiots, liars, criminals and hypocrites. Why any votes Democrat besides the dead is beyond me.

Speaking of water and Democrats using it as a weapon against the people. According to Bob Unruh at WND, the EPA wants to control any wet spot, so a women’s vagina (we all know about Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton forcing themselves on unwilling women and how Democrats say Republicans hate women) and my drunken piss stream off my deck are apparently controlled by the Nazi Fascists and their sister Demon Marxists in DC. So much for living in the land of the free as the bureaucrats have turn this country into a 3rd world banana republic.

Why public education and their govt’ cathedrals known as schools are going to die shortly. In the Socialist paradise state of Minnesota, the idiotic schooling overlords want boys to share locker rooms with girls. The sick pervert John Dewey & his ilk must be so proud but this is market economics at its finest. Young girls get pregnant and so Margaret Sanger’s genocide machine Planned Parenthood can bilk the taxpayers for DNC cash payouts as the abortion demand goes through the roof. Also, it take the heat off all those female pedophile teachers who are sleeping with their students as the boys will look for girls their own age. (See my posts Bad Teachers).

The poor babied bureaucrats at the UN says US States can’t legalize pot as it violates international law, like that means anything. Damn the State’s rights, DC and her evil friends in the UN dropped this BS as it is screwing over the DEA/CIA/MI6/UN (controlled by Poison Ivy League grads I might addd) drug running cartel and their profits. Why do you think we invaded Afghanistan and poppy production is now at an all time high? The whole reason that DC created a war on drugs was to increase profits to our controlling elites who don’t have to follow the laws they pass for the little people. Bureaucraticslaves we all are and the sooner we wake up the sooner the ship can be righted.

A Baby Boom by Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, let alone Democrats and the Constitutionalist sellouts in DC opening the flood gates to punish blacks and the middle class for daring to question the Poison Ivy Leagues elitists evil globalist intentions, will make whites a minority by 2050. We are already a minority to China and India but don’t tell the bean counters in DC, as they are a bunch of Poison Ivy League educated idiots but that is redundant I know. So I wonder if all the special minority legislation of today will hold true in 35 years so ‘my people – whatever the hell that means’ will give my grandkids an Obama phone and a free college education, etc…not that any of that is right in a land that is supposed to be free.

Good Night America and God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker